16 elegant 2016 Holden Captiva LTZ Review

it May Not Be The Youngest Chicken In The Shed And Dare We Say Nor Is It The Most Exciting, But The Holden Captiva Has Always Fought A Pretty Good Battle When It Comes To The Value Stakes Now For 2016 With An Updated Look And Even More Equipment Well That Value Argument Seems To Have Gotten Even Better The Captiva Is Now Available In Just The One Body Style, But With A Choice Of Four Trim Grades Or We All Drive Two-wheel Drive And Either 5 Or 7 Seats This Is The Top Spec LTZ Model With All-wheel Drive And The 7 Seat Option As Part Of The 2016 Upgrade You Can See This Changes To The Front End Which Includes This New Twin Stacked Grill LED Running Lamps And A Set Of New 19-inch Wheels With Body Coloured Side Moldings Under The Bonnet Is A 2.2 Litre Turbocharged Diesel Engine With 135 Kilowatts And 400 Newton Meters Of Torque Available Nice And Low At Just 1700 Rpm And There's Also In The LTZ A Choice Of A 3 Litre Petrol V6, But It's Got Plenty Of Power 190 Kilowatts, But Don't Come On Until Quite Late In The Rev Range We Find It Can Be Quite Harsh And Pretty Thirsty The Diesel However Is Good For Less Than 9 Litres Per 100 On A Combined Cycle And We've Actually Been Seeing That Right Well Up Here The Big Call-out Is The 7 Inch Touchscreen Which Now Has Support For Both Android Auto And Apple Carplay Systems That Means You've Got Internet Audio Streaming And Navigation On The Fly The Native Software Itself Supports Bluetooth Audio And Bluetooth Phone Connectivity Around The Cabin There's Some Pretty Good Elements As Well You've Got Heated Seats Climate Control And Plenty Of Storage Which. I'll Get To In A Minute, But Some Of The Materials Do Feel A Little Bit Cheap Up Here It's A Hollow And Hard Sounding Plastics And The Shrek Ear Stalks On The Steering Wheel Well They Don't Really Support A Feeling Of Quality, But That Said The Seats Are Quite Comfortable, If Maybe Lacking In A Bit Of Support And As.

I Said Storage You've Got A Glove Box A Phone Tray Twin Cupholders Good Door Pockets A Sunglasses Holder The Central Cubby Key Holder Plus This Really Cool Hidden Compartment Below The Cupholders Here Which Is. So, Deep. I'm Gonna Basically Get In There Up To My Elbow Let's Check Out The Back Now We Thought We'd Quickly Show You That What Two Car Seats Looks Like In The Back Of The Captiva Both These Positions Have.

ISOFIX Mounting Points, But As You Can See It's Pretty Tight In Here, If You Need To Fit Three Across That's Where The Third Row Comes In Handy, But It's Good To Know All The Same. I'll Get This Out And. I'll Hop In Myself Right Well There's Plenty Of Space In The Back Of The Captiva This Driver Seat Is In My Position And.

I'm Over 6 Foot. I've Got Good Headroom Great Knee And Toe Room, But There Are No Vents No Map Lights However You Do Get A 12 Volt Socket And A Central Armrest With Twin Cupholders The Seat Folds 60/40 Let's Check Out The Third Row As A Reason We Didn't Show Me Getting In It's Not A Very Elegant Process, But Now That. I'm Here There's Actually Reasonable Room You Can Certainly Get Up To Teenage Children Back Here With Some Pretty Decent Comfort There's Only One Cup Holder.

So, They're Going To Fight Over Who Gets That And Of Course The Seats Can Fold In 50/50 Split, If You Do Need Some Extra Luggage Room Speaking Of Which Let's Check Out The Boot Well Back Here There Isn't A Lot Of Room With All Seven Seats In Place In Fact There's Only 85 Liters Of Cargo Space There's A Little Bit Of Storage Under The Floor, But For Context Just Putting A Standard Backpack In There Well You Kind Of Run Out Of Room Pretty Quickly Luckily You Can Fold These Two Down And Get Four Hundred And Sixty-five Liters Or Fold It All Down For Nine Hundred And Thirty, But There's A Reason You See. So, Many Of These Things Driving Around With A Pot On The Roof Particularly With A Seven Seater Configuration Needed Let's Go For A Drive Now While Many SUVs Are Aimed At The Younger Adventure Set Hold Enough Position The Captiva Fairly And Squarely And Family Buyers And Through What We Saw With The Practicality Of The Interior It's No Wonder On The Move With The Twist Of That Funny Missing Key Because There's Keyless Entry And Keyless Start By The Way It Does Feel A Little Bit Heavy Off The Line, But You Do Get Used To It And The Steering Particularly Around Some Of These Tighter Urban Streets Is Very Direct And You Don't Feel That You Get That Dead Floating Sensation That You Do In Some Other Cars That Said The Captive Is No Sports Car You Do Feel A Little Bit Of Roll Around The Corners And It Does Perform Best When Just Punted Or Perhaps With A Bit More Of A Relaxed Family Oriented Demeanor Now. I Know It Said We Like The Diesel Better Than The Petrol There Is One Thing In Particular About The Diesel That We Don't Like And That's The Noise On The Outside Of The Car When You're Just Idling It Honestly Sounds Like You're The The Australia Post Delivery Person Has Just Rolled Up In A Transit Ban It's A Very Tricky Quackety Noise Like An Old London Cab On The Move There's Still A Reasonable Amount Of Engine Noise, But The Cabin Itself Is Relatively Well Insulated And Particularly On On Touring Sections And Longer Drives The Cabin Can Be Quite A Nice Pleasant Quiet Place To Be And That's Even With The The Factory Sunroof Fitted Speaking Of Touring Ride In That Circumstance Is Actually One Of The Captiva Strong Points Where It Does Let Itself Down A Little Bit Is On Some Sort Of Slightly Uneven Surfaces You'll Find That Softer Tuned, But Somewhat Sporty Nature Of The Big 19-inch Wheels Over Undulating Or Patches Of Uneven Surfaces The Suspension Will Feel A Little Bit Busy In The Car Will Jitter Around A Little Bit Mostly You Can Feel This On Say Country B Roads Where Larger Bumps And Divots Will Well They're Not Quite Upset The Right Of The Captiva, But They May Upset The Occupants A Little Bit Now The Little Diesel Is Not That Bad An Engine Particularly Around Town All Full 400 Newton Meters Of Torque Are Available From 1750 Rpm, But It Does Taper Off Quite Considerably After That In That You You Don't Feel That There's A Lot Of Legs And A Lot Of Ongoing Power For The To Point To That Said It Is Pretty Easy To Manage Around Town And That's Where Your Fuel Economy Will Come Into Favor We're Currently Running At About A Bit Under Ten Liters Four Hundred, But We've Been Idling And Doing A Lot More Urban Running Than We Normally Would.

So, As We Stretch The Cars Legs And Get A Few ATK And Above Sections Under Our Belt That Will Drop Down To The Low Nine To High Eight Which Is Around Where Holden's Climbing Value Is A Very Big Strong Point Of The Captiva As Well As The Touchscreen With The Car Play Integration The Factory Sunroof Is Included As We Said Heated Seats You Don't Get Any Of The More Modern Driver Assists Like Lane Departure Or Adaptive Cruise, But You Do Get A Reverse Camera With Rear Cross Traffic Assist Which Is Actually Really Handy And Front And Rear Parking Sensors The Ergonomics As We Noted Before Are Mostly Pretty Good While On The Move, But The Trip Computer, Buttons Are Down Here Near Your Right Knee And They Can Be Very Difficult To See While On The Move Now. I'm Sure That's Probably Not Something That Will Come Up With That Many Owners. I Know.

I Like To Switch Through From What My Average Fuel Is Doing To The Digital Speedometer And You Do Want To Be Able To Get To Those Quickly It Sometimes Can Be A Bit Frustrating To Have To Take Your Eyes Off The Road And Look Down, But That Said You're Seeking An Overall Driving Position Is Good The Steering Wheel Has Reach And Rake Adjustment And For Someone Of My Height About Six Foot Three Depending On All The Weather It's Actually Not A Bad Spot And. I Can Get Really Good Visibility Out The Rear And Side Of The Car You Also Get Blind Spot Detection In The LTZ Now For You're Going To Do Is Shop Around Town In Your Captiva You Probably Don't Need The All-wheel-drive Version It Adds Weight It Adds Cost It Increases Fuel Consumption, But, If You Do Spend A Bit Of Time Like We Are Now Heading Off The Beaten Track Maybe Heading To The Snow Or Out To The Country The All-wheel Drive Can Give You A Little Bit More Surety And Security And Performance In Some Of These More Inclement Conditions Let's See How It Goes On Some Unsealed Surfaces Now Let's Be Fair This Is Hardly Off-roading This Is Just A A Graded Unsealed Road, But It's Pretty Familiar, If You're Doing A Lot Of Country Driving Particularly, If You're Heading To A Farm Or Something Like That On The Weekend And It's Also A Good Way To See How The All-wheel Drive Drivetrain Handles It's Been Raining It's A Little Bit Muddy In A Two-wheel Drive Car We May Expect Some Push Understeer Or Or Tail Out Oversteer, If We're Going A Little Bit Too Quick Through Some Of These Bends And Quite Frankly The Captiva Is Handling At All Really Really Well There's A Slight Wiggle As The Car Deals With Slippery Surfaces And Undulations, But To Be Honest Handling This Almost Better Than It Does Some Of The Paved B Roads That We've Been On Earlier Today Even Though The Longer Stretches Where We Know There's Some Corrugation In The Surface. I'm Sitting On About 80 Kilometres An Hour And The Car Is Riding Essentially On Top Of The Bumps And We're Finding It Very Very Comfortable Indeed There's Still A Bit Of Thai Noise And Still A Bit Of Wind Noise Sure, But When It Comes To An All-season Performer The Captiva Can Certainly Hold Its Own Now Given You Can't Add An All-wheel-drive Option After You've Bought The Car It's One Of Those Things To Bear In Mind, If You're Thinking Well Maybe One Day We Might Head To The Snow Or Maybe One Day We Might Go To Uncle Steve's Farm Perhaps The All-wheel-drive One's The Way To Go Well The Holden Captiva Let's Face It It's Not Perfect It's A Little Rough Around The Edges It Could Even Be Called Cheap In Places, But.

I Guess That's The Point It Is Cheap This Can Lists It A Bit Over $40,000 And As We Know No One Ever Pays Retail For One Of These Holden Have Currently Got An Offer Where You Can Drive Away For About 37 Grand That's Pretty Good Value In Anyone's Book The All-wheel Drive Here Today Has Handled Unsealed Roads Almost As Well As It Has A Shopping Centre. So, When It Comes Down To It As Far As A Well Featured Practical Good Value Family Offering Holden Captiva Still Got What It Takes You.

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