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this Is The New Honda Civic Si This Is The First Turbocharged Honda Civic Si SMU. So, One And A Half Turbocharged Four-cylinder That You Get Also In The Sierra Median Under Other Civic Models, But Here It Makes 205 Horsepower That Is The Exact Same Amount Of Horsepower As The Previous Si.

So, They're Kind Of Disappointed Don't Worry Cuz Farmington Plenty More Torque The Result Is A Mid-range That Feels A Lot Piranha Here And Stronger Than Any Civic Si And The History Of Man Has Felt Although. I Got To Say The Top-end Performance Might Suffer Si At Least Make That Rev Tire That Screamed That Was Definitely Naturally Aspirated, But As Performance Requirements Continue To Increase With Performance Cars They Have To Turn To Turbocharged Automakers Have Some Point Turbochargers The Result In This Case Is 5500 Rpm Redline A Power Peak At About 5700 Rpm Which Is A Lot Lower That You Get Out Of Si Of Zoar Although La Crater Here. So, It's Kind Of An Either Here Or There Overall Though This Car Is My It Managed To Stay Under 3,000 Pounds Regardless, If You Get Make For A Sedan And That's A A Commendable Thing In This Price Point Because The Compact The Competition Your Directs Your Focus ST And.

So, On Are Gonna Weigh A Lot More Than This Link Does And, If This Thing's Power Doesn't Quite Match There's The Power Away Which Is More Important. I'd Be Closer Being From The Drive Is The Important Part Of A Sport Compact And. I Can Say This Civic It Does That Pretty Well Steering It Is Lacking Long Feel And That's What You Get Out Of Modern Electric Assisted Electronically Assisted Power Steering Systems, But The Resistance In The Wheel Feels Very Good Which Is A Nice Thing This Car Has A Limited Slip Differential Which You Like Out Of A Front Drive Or Actually Any Kind Of Drive Car, But My Biggest Disappointment Is The Stability Control Which You Can't Turn Off At All You Can Lessen It By Hitting The, Button That Says VSA, But There Is No Way To Fully Defeat Stability Control Now Its We're Still A Soft Buckle Complaint And An Actual One Because One Is When The Stability Control Is Coming On And Sort Of Interacting It Doesn't It Very In A Way That's Hard To Feel You'll Notice, If We're Doing Something Way Wrong Like When You Have The Steering Wheel Cranked All The Way Over The Left You Can Map The Gas Won't Get Any Response Out Of It Because, If You Did Get Response, If We Just Burn Up And Useless Understeer If.

I'm Going To A Mistake Let Me Make The Mistake As. I Say The System Does Work Well It Does Only Intervene In Situations Where It Really Should. I Don't Buy That You Would Be Fastest With It On All The Time, But As Rides Right Now There's No Way To Turn It Off And Frustration, If It Does Work Okay That Said These Tickets Ride Off Together Starts Just Underneath $24,000 And Is A Pleasant Sport Compact The Way The Previous Si Was Even, If The Character Of The Power Man And Character The Power Train Has Changed Quite A Bit With This New Turbocharged Engine Or This New Turbocharged Application In The Si I'ma Still Have To Get Up To 16 And Thank You Guys For Watching Let's Want To See More Stay Tuned And Visit Nesbit's Calm.