2017 Volvo XC90 Excellence Review

this Is The Volvo Xc90 Excellence The Most Expensive And Exclusive Volvo Ever Created Where We're Used To Seeing The Xc90 Is A Seven Seat SUV Family Wagon The Excellence Seats Only Four In Pure Luxurious Comfort So, If You Like What You See Here Why Do You See What's On The Inside Now The Excellence Is Not Going To Be The Volume Seller It's Essentially A Statement Of The Best Of Sweden When It Comes To Style Design Luxury And Technology. So, How Do You Spot One From A Regular Xc90 Well You've Got These New 8 Spoke 21 Inch Diamond Cut Alloys There's Exclusive Badging On The Side And At The Rear And Some Extra Chrome Trim Here Around The Glasshouse We Said It's The Most Expensive Volvo Ever Made Because It's Roughly Twice The Price Of A Standard Xc90 At About 180 Thousand Dollars On Row For Context Though That's About Half Of What You'll Pay For A Long-wheelbase Executive For Seat Range Rover Let's Not Even Start On The Bentley Been Tyga Now The Excellence Is Based On The Top Of The Range T8 Drivetrain Which Means Under Here This Is A 2 Litre Twin Charge Both Super And Turbo Four-cylinder Petrol Engine And It's Good For Around Two Hundred And Thirty Five Kilowatts Down The Back Between The Rear Wheels Is A 65 Kilowatt Electric Motor And There's A Range Of Battery Packs Running Along The Length Of The Car Combined It's Around 300 Kilowatts Or A Bit Over 400 Horsepower Of Output And Around 600 Newton Meters Of Torque Now Volvo's Say All Of This Is Good For A Sub Six-second Naught To 100 Sprint All While Retaining A 2.1 Liter Per Hundred Fuel Consumption Cycle We've Got To Say It Sounds Too Good To Be True Now Before We Jump In.

I Will Say That As A Package The Excellence Is A Really Beautiful Looking Car This Color Is Called Magic Blue Metallic And Is One Of 10 Choices Available And Does A Fantastic Job In Really Setting This Thing Off To Look A Little Bit More Special Than Just A Regular Xc90, But Nowhere More. So, Is That True Than In Here Now This Is Nice In The Back Of The Excellence Are Just Two Of These Terrifically Comfortable Seats It's Perforated Napa Leather And They're Both Heated Ventilated And Feature Multimode Massage Functions They're Electrically Adjustable For Backrest Support Thigh Support You Can Even Adjust Your Lumber And Your Bolstering Plus This Touch Screen Here Allows You To Turn On The Cooling Heating Even Chill Or Warm Your Bottle Holder Here Should You Of Board Say Well A Thermos Of Soup Further Note To - How Important The Backseat Passengers Are In The Excellence You Can Move The Front Passenger Seat Forward Or Backward And Out Of The Way To Give Yourself A Little Bit More Legroom There's Also A Pair Of Moveable Footrest, If You're Not As Tall As. I Am, But, If It's Not Just About The Comfort And More About The Amenities Well The Excellence Has Got You Covered As Well There's A Pair Of These Custom Orifice Crystal Champagne Flutes The All Mode Have No Basis On Them Because They Fit Perfectly Into This Orifice Crystal Holder Here Now, If You Like Your Drinks At The Right Temperature Between The Seats Is A Fridge It's Big Enough To Store Two 750 Ml Bottles Of Your Finest Champagne As Well As Chill The Glasses For Later Use, But, If It's Not All About Drinking And Having Fun You Can Do Some Work In The Back Of The Volvo As Well Under Here Is A 240 Volt Outlet Another Pair Of USB Points Plus These Lovely Aluminium Trays With A Leather Top That Are Perfect For Resting Well A Laptop Or A Note Pad Should You Want To Do Some Work On The Road Or You Can Just Use One Of The Two Integrated IPad Screens Well, If You Want To Check Out Your Favorite YouTube Channel.

So, That You Enjoy Your Trip The Boot Is Sealed Off By A Glass Window. So, That The 19 Speaker 1400 Wat Bowers & Wilkins Sound System Can Sound Even Better And, If You Like You Can Even Program It To Match The Acoustics Of The Gothenburg Concert Hall In Sweden Should That Be Your Thing Everything Back Here Is A Real Statement Of Luxury The Aluminium The Leather The Wood The Giant Standard Panoramic Sunroof Even The Soft Headliner Makes You Feel All Very Special And Incredibly Important Is Is A Car For Well Nordic Royalty And Since. I Don't Really Know Who That Would Be And.

I've Got An 8 Year Old Daughter. I'm Just Going To Call Them Elsa And Anna From Now On, But, If You're Not The Person Who Gets To Ride Around In The Back Of A Car Like This Let's Take A Look What's Up The Front Well Up Here It's The Same Xc90 Cabin That Impressed Us. So, Much When The Car Launched Last Year Except That In The Excellence Well You've Basically Ticked Every Single Option Box Available All The Switch Gear Is Here You've Got The Lovely Leather Stitch Dashboard The Wood Other Leather And Carpets Are Carried Over From What We Saw In The Rear Also Carried Over The Seats Are Basically The Same As In The Back They're Ventilated They're Heated There's Massage Program For Both Driver And Passenger As Well As All The Electric Adjustment You Get This Lovely Orafice Crystal Transmission Lever As Part Of The T8 Drivetrain, But The Xc90 Excellent Suffers From Something That We Like To Call The Spider Man Principle With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility For A Near $200,000 Price Tag Comes Near $200,000 Worth Of Expectation Not Just From Lovely Seats And A Great Stereo, But The Car As A Whole The Way It Drives The Way It Handles And The Way It Basically Exists On The Road Is Somewhere Where We Think That The Excellence Falls Slightly Short Of The Mark Jump In And.

I'll Explain First Let's Preface What We're About To Talk About By Saying There Is There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With The Xc90 The T8 Or The Excellence It Really Is A Beautiful Beautiful Car It's Just As We Said To Ask Close To $200,000 Comes A Level Of Expectation For The Way That Things Perform And Things Behave The First Being Basically The TA Drivetrain Now The Combination Of The The 2 Liter Twin Charge Engine Up Front And The Electric Motor Down The Back Actually Works Really Well, But It Just Doesn't Have That Effortless Smoothness That Say Some Of The Six-cylinder Germans Do There's No Squeeze And Respond Kind Of Feeling You Really Do Have To Work A Little 2 Litre Quite Hard When You Do It Gets Up In Boogies It Just Sounds A Little Bit Raspy And May Delay A Little Bit, But It's Just Probably Not What You Would Expect For A Car Of This Calibre Remembering To, But This Weighs More And 2.2 Tonnes Without Your VIPs On Board Even The Way The Hybrid System Works Isn't Quite As Polished As What You Find In Say The X5 Hybrid You Can Tip The Shifter Down Into A B Mode Which Is For Braking Which Allows The Carto To Store The Regenerative Braking You Can Feel A Lot Of Extra Friction On The Drive Line, But Even Then It Only Starts To Store The Batteries Back To Around 30% And That's There To Protect The Life Of The Battery So, If You Set Off Without A Full Charge You Will Find That The Car Will Chew Through That As Quickly As It Possibly Can The Goal Of The System Is To Reduce Your Fuel Consumption As Best That It Can While Retaining An Element Of Performance. So, You'll Feel The Engine Kick In It's A Very Very Minor Kick Over To By The Way They Change From Hybrid To Petrol And Then Back Again Even On Start-stop It's Actually Very Smooth, But You're Setting Off In The Morning With A Fully Charged Xc90 Range Will Be Around 35 Kilometers By The Time You Reach The End Of The Driveway That All Dropped To 30 Kilometers And In Reality It Sort Of Sits Around 19 - To Low 20s Which Is In The Same Sort Of Ballpark As Cars Like The X5, But It Just Doesn't Seem To Have The Same Amount Of Smoothness You Can Get A Display On The Touch Screen Here That Shows You What's Happening How Much Petrol How Much Electricity You're Using Whether The Motors Being Charged, But You Don't Get A Readout For How Well It's Charging You Can't Sort Of Really Manage That Evy Role And Even As A Whole The Range Of The Car Is Quite Compromised The TA Actually Has A Smaller Petrol Tank Than A Standard Xc90 Only 50 Litres. So, Even With A Full Tank Of Electric Juice And A Full Tank Of Petrol Juice Your Range Is Only About 500 Kilometres Making This Really An Urban VIP Runabout Rather Than A Long-distance Hauler Now With All Of How That Works The Fuel Consumption Figure That Volvo Claims Seems Really Hard To Achieve We Started This Car Without A Full Battery Charge.

So, We're Basically Running On The Petrol Engine For The Most Part And. I've Been Sitting Around Eleven Litres Per 100 Which Is Kind Of What You Expect Of A Car Of This Size With A 2 Liter Petrol However Kicking Over Into The The Hybrid Mode And Even Today Where We've Been Filming And Going Back And Forth Quite A Lot Hasn't Really Given Us That Really Low Two Litres Per Hundred Claimed Combined Cycle We Are Trying To Get Used To The Way That The Car Works, But We Really Do Feel That That Is In The Ultimate Optimal Conditions, If We Can Get To Around Five And Six. I Think We're Going To Be Happy, But, But In All Reality You'd Be Better Off With A Diesel The One Thing That The T8 Does Give You Though Is This Orifice Crystal Gearshift And We Mentioned It Before When Going Around The Car, But At Night It Lights Up There's Something Really Really Special About This It Is The Nicest Gear Shifter.

I Think. I've Seen In Any Car Whatever Now While Speaking Of Gears The Car Has An 8-speed Automatic Gearbox And To Be Honest We Can't Fault It It Has Been Shifting Gears There's No Manual Override You Can't Even Tip It Into A Sport Cell Shift Setting There It Just Does Its Job We're Pretty Happy With This 8-speed And. I Have To Say It's One Of The Best That We've Actually Experienced Because You Don't Even Stop To Think About It And That's Really What You Want Out Of A Modern Transmission Another Area Where A Premium SUV Like This Needs To Excel Is In Ride Quality And While The Excellence Does Run On Air Suspension It's Still Just Doesn't Quite Hit The Mark For That Effortless Supple Ride That You Want Out Of A High High-end SUV FES Setup Is Actually An Adaptive System The Car Raises And Lowers Depending On Which Of The Drive Modes You've Got It In You Can Actually Have It Set To A Really Low Access Height When You Park It Which Makes The Car Look Even Cool When Stopped On The Move Though The Air Suspension Adjusts Each Of The Four Wheels Independently It Reads The Road It Makes.

I Think It's Some 5000 Adjustments Per Second As It Needs To Understand What You're Doing What The Car Is Doing What The Roads Doing While That Sounds Really Cool On A Brochure It Doesn't Really Translate Into A Super Smooth Ride And You Can Find The Xc90 Still Jarring Over Sharper Man-made Edges Now That's Not To Say That The Excellence Is Unsettled On The Road Far From It It's Actually A Really Really Competent Tora And Is A Delight Around Town It's Just That Over Some Harsher Bumps Whether It's A An Expansion Gap Or A Railway Crossing Or Even Some Poorly Surfaced Roads You Can Really Feel The Car Feel Or Just A Little Bit Fidgety Which Is Not Really What You Want, If You're Carting Around Where Else Are And Honor In The Back For One And Even Then As We Came Through That Roundabout And Over Some Bumps You Can Hear The Crystal Glasses Sitting In Their Little Holders Chink Together And It's Not Much And It Really Is The Epitome Of Firstworldproblems In My Cars Crystal Glassware Occasionally Not Together, But. I Don't Want To Hear Rattles In A Car Like This. I Don't Want To Hear My Glasses Chinking Together In A Car Like This.

I Want Silence And Actually Talking About Silence The Car Is Actually Really Really Quiet Particularly When You're Running On Battery Mode On A Lovely Well Paved Road With That Insulation From The Boot Well. I Tell You What Is Actually Really Really Quiet Which Means You Can Crank The Stereo Which Is. I Have To Say It's My Favorite Part Of This Car It Is A Wonderful Wonderful Stereo 19 Speakers Or Bust For Me From Now On And Really.

I Have Done Some Terrible Things To My Ears Over The Last Few Days With This Car, But The Way That It Insulates From The Outside World Around You That's Actually A Really Nice Touch The Brakes Ii Don't Really Have What You Call A Consistent Feel It's Like There's Two Stages To Where The Pedal Needs To Be The Car Will Pull Up, If You Need To Jam On The Brakes There's No Problem With Them It's Just Not A Very Well Smooth Feeling, But Even With All Of Those Minor Quibbles The Xc90 Excellence Remains An Absolutely Fantastic Car To Drive. I Love The Way It Looks. I Love The Wood.

I Love The Seats And As. I've Said. I Really Love That Stereo.

I Even Love The Statement That Volvo's Trying To Make With The Excellence A Showpiece Of What Volvo And What Sweden Can Do By Mixing It Up With The Best Of The Best Wasn't That Long Ago That People Had Kind Of Written Off Volvo As Being Essentially A Fancy Mazda Not Really Able To Compete At The Same Level Of The Germans, But Now With This Car They've Really Hit It Out Of The Ballpark And Even After Spending Quite A Bit Of Time In The Excellence. I've Got The Feeling That The Best Xc90 It's Not Actually The Best Xc90 Well There You Have It The 2017 Volvo Xc90 Excellence The Best Xc90 Well No Not Really As. I Said In The Car Being The Top Of The Range And Being The Most Featured Certainly Doesn't Make It The Best One And The Most Sensible One To Buy The T8 Drivetrain Quite Honestly We Weren't Enamoured By It, But In Reality You Don't Really Need It The Fourth Seat Executive Setup Is Definitely Special And Undeniably Cool You Don't Really Need That Either In Fact The Best Xc90 Would Be Something A Little Lower Down Say An Inscription D5 Where You Can Option Up The Nice Seats The Great Massage Even The Lovely Wood And That Fantastic Stereo And Save Around $50,000 In The Process What The Excellence Is Though Is A Fantastic Statement To The Direction That Volvo Is Heading And That's Up It Makes A Wonderful Halo Car A Showpiece For Where The Brand Has Come From And What They Can Do The Workmanship The Materials They're Second To None And It's Something That Puts What A Car Like The Xc90 Very Much On The World Stage Well While It May Not Be The Most Relevant Xc90 For Most Buyers Out There It's Still Been Pretty Cool Hanging Out With The Big Guy For The Past Few Days And Well It's Definitely Hot Here Today.

I Might Go And Sit In The Back Find Some Extra Cool Drinks In The Fridge And Get Another Massage You.

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