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gorgeous Isn't It This Is The All-new Volvo Xc60 The Most Important Model In The Swedish Brands Range And We're Here In Spain To Test It Out Before It Arrives In Australia Later In 2017 Time To Get Up Close And Personal Before We Go Much Further It's Worth Considering This The Xc60 Is The Biggest Selling Model In Volvo's Range It's The Biggest Selling Premium SUV In Europe And In Its Final Year In The Previous Generation It Had Its Most Successful Year Ever. So, Hopes Are High For The All-new Volvo Xc60 And They Should Be It Has The Styling To Stand Out In A Busy Premium SUV Segment And The Tech To Stack Up To The Near Model Shares The Same Underpinnings As The Bigger Xc90 And The Same Drivetrain As Well That Means All Four Cylinder 2-liter Turbo S With The Choice Of A Petrol With A Supercharger A Twin Turbo Diesel Or A Petrol With Plug-in Hybrid Tech In The Bigger Xc90 Those Petrol And Diesel Engines Can Feel Just A Little Bit Underdone, But Not.

So, In The Xc60 Because It's A Bit Lighter In Fact The Petrol Engine Is Really Peppy Put Your Foot Down And It Responds Really Quickly It Is A Bit Loud Though Compared To The Diesel Which Is The Surprise The Diesel You Would Expect Would Have A Little Bit More Clatter And A Bit More Noise Through The Cabin, But That's Not The Case In Fact The Diesel Has Been A Bit Of A Surprise It's Got A New System Which Pushes A Little Bit Of Air Into The Turbo Chamber To Give It Less Turbo Lag From A Standstill And It Works Really Well Further To That Both The Petrol And The Diesel Have 8-speed Automatic Transmission And They Both Work Excellently You Don't Get Paddle Shifters They're Optional Unless You're Buying The R-design Though Volvo Claims That This Car Offers Better Driver Involvement A Little Bit More Of A Connected Feel To The Road And While It Isn't Like A Bmw X3 For Driver Involvement It Does Corner Quite Well The Steering's Quite Light And That Might Be To Your Taste Or It Might Not, But The Way The Car Rides Over Bumps Is Really Special That's Because It's Got Air Suspension Well Because That We've Been Testing To Have Air Suspension And We Can't Wait To See Whether One's Without Air Suspension And Or Bumps Quite As Well Because It's Really Good In That Regard Not Only Is The Engine Quiet, But The Whole Ambience Is Quiet And. I Guess That's What Volvo Is Hoping For You Know This Is A Luxury Car And It Should Feel Luxurious And From The Driver's Seat Or The Passenger's Seat It Really Does It Has The Same Infotainment Screen With Apple Carplay And Android Auto Connectivity The Same Finishes And Luxury Trimming All Just In A Smaller Package Than The Xc90 There Are Five Seats And Volvo's Booster Seats Will Be Available As Well And There's Enough Space For A Family Of Four And Their Luggage That Said The Boot Is About Ten Percent Smaller Than Its Rivals With Five Hundred And Five Liters Of Space. So, There You Have It The All-new Volvo Xc60 Is A Convincing Luxury SUV, But One Whose Fate Will Depend On Its Pricing And Specification When It Arrives In Australia Later This Year Stay Tuned For That.