16 cool 2017 Toyota Avalon Review

if You're Considering A Mini-cooper There's A Good Chance You've Already Fallen For Its Looks Customization And All That Cool Little Details You Won't Find Anywhere Else, But There's A Lot More To This All New Mini Than Just Cute Styling Multicolor Interior Lighting And Toggle Switches Let's Start Inside Where The Materials Have Been Improved And Everything Is Less Toy Like The Speedometer Has Moved To Behind The Wheel Rather Than The Big Old Pie Shaped Bit In The Center That Is Now Solely Home To The More Sensibly Designed Stereo Or Maze Optional Version Of BMWs IDrive Interface Unfortunately The IDrive Controller Or Mini Connected As It's Called Is A Problem Not The Design, But Rather Its Placement With This Optional Armrest It's Difficult To Reach And Even When You Put It Up Your Elbow Bangs Into The Thing. So, You Don't Have To Get This, But Even Then This Is Awkwardly Placed It's Too Far Back Especially, If You're Shorter And Your Seat Is Further Forward Despite What Many Think The Mini Actually Provides Tons Of Front Leg And Headroom For Folks Even, If They're Taller Than 6 Feet Like Me The Back Seat And Trunk Are In Fact Tiny And Even Though They Did Grow A Bit For 2015 It's Not Really Enough To Make A Difference And That's Fine This Is A Mini Afterall, But, If You Do Need Just A Bit More Room And Practicality There Is Now A Four-door Mini Cooper Available There Are Two New Engines The Base Engine Is A Turbocharged Three-cylinder That Provides A Surprising Amount Of Punch In A Nice Growly Engine Note That Perfectly Matches The Mini Scrappy Character You Won't Be Disappointed By It, But Then The Cooper S Model And Its Turbo 4 Has More Power And Way More Torque Better Yet Both Engines Are More Efficient Happily Despite Its Growing Size The Mini Cooper Is Still The Sharp Nimble Little Car That Will Make You Smile Going Around A Corner Zipping Through Traffic Or Motoring Up A Mountain Road It's Still A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun Unfortunately Also Is A Ride That Can Really Beat You Up And That's Harsher Than Other Sporty Small Cars Like The Ford Focus ST Or VW Beetle And Gee Gie Now Our Long-term Car Does Have 17-inch Wheels, But We Doubt That The 15 Or 16 S Would Really Make That Much Of A Difference Then There's The Price At About $20,000 It's Base Prices Reasonable For What Is Indeed A Premium Product, But Once You Start Selecting Common Options And Throw On A Couple Of Obligatory Customization Features It Gets Pricey Quickly This Non S Cooper Is $33,000 That's More Than An Equally Loaded, But Bigger And More Powerful GTI And Audi A3 Isn't Really That Much More And That's Crazy.

So, There Are Significant Issues With The New MINI Cooper And Although It Still Has Plenty Of Charms That Tug On Those Heartstrings We Recommend Thoroughly Cross Shopping Its Competitors Before Signing On The Dotted Line And To Know More About This Very Mini Cooper Make Sure To Go To The Long-term Test Pages On Edmunds Calm.