2015 Dodge Viper GT Quick Spin

I'm Carlos That's Jay We Are Driving A Dodge Viper Because We Haven't Done Enough Of That Already You Had A Little Bit Of A Road Trip Right It Was About Mmm 2,700 Miles 2,700 Miles, But You Did 3,100 3,200 3107. So, You Are The Man Amongst Us And We Know.

I Can't Feel My, Butt Or My Back Anymore. So, What We Did Is. I Drove This Car This Is Edmunds Long-term Dodge Viper.

I Drove This Basically Across The Country Coast To Coast To A North Carolina And Then Jay Flew Out And Drove It Back Now We're Back In Santa Monica We're Gonna Take A Little Cruise In This Car And Talk About Things We Like Things We Didn't Like Well All Of The Vipers Road Trip Renwick Friendly Qualities Which One Was The One That Convinced You To Take This On This Trip Uh Scott Saying Hey You Should Take The Viper Out To North Carolina That's The Best Road Trip Polity Yeah That Was The Quality No. I Mean Ok There's The Worse An Idea Is The More You Kind Of Want To Do It Right Bad Ideas Have A Certain Appeal And Driving A Viper Across The Country Is A Bad Idea Look Visibility. So, Bad.

So, Odd It's Uncomfortable And All That, But Like You Kind Of Want To Do It Because It Bad Idea Especially AI Me A Car That's This Ridiculous Yeah When You Tell People You Drove Cross-country In A Viper Doing Oh That's. So, Awesome And You're Like Well When You Actually Do It You Realize That Maybe It's Less Awesome, But That Makes It More Awesome Exactly. I've Always Been Kind Of Hesitant About The Viper, But After That Drive.

I Kind Of Was Like All Right. I Get It Like. I Kind Of Get Where It's Coming From Now It's A Bit Much, But Like, If That's What You're Looking For Like, If You Want Like Those Sort Of The Feel Of It A Lamborghini, But With An American Car A Bit Much I Think Is Understanding It, But A Bit Much Is Kind Of What Defines This Exactly I Mean Yeah The Car Is.

So, Over-the-top And Obnoxious, But, If It Was Not Over The Top And Obnoxious It Wouldn't Be A Viper Exactly That's What Makes It The Viper There Is No Driving Experience Like This Anymore You Don't Really Hop Into A New Car These And Deal With The Sort Of Stuff You Could Deal In Here Well For Sure. I've Been Just Getting In The Car And This Is Probably One Of The Most Aside From Michael Those Elites Or Something Like That Ingress And Egress Not A Strong Point. I Mean You Really Got To Fold Your Legs Up To Your Chin To Get Into The Thing Especially For Over Six Feet Tall Yeah.

I've Actually. I Kind Of Do It Like A Diver Goes Into The Water Where. I Just Sort Of Sit On This Door Sills Yeah Exactly Okay.

I Sit On The Door Sill And Just Lean Back And Fall Into The Seat This Is A Fantastic Shape Shifters Great You Know You're Actually Controlling A Rod Inside A Transmission That's Actually Moving Mechanical Stuff Nina Though It's Controlling Nine Billion Foot-pounds Of Torque It Actually Moves Through The Gates With Somethin S And You'll Never Miss A Shift In This Car Never. I Missed Shifts And Corvettes Constantly Especially The 23, But You Never Do It In Here Because This Has. So, Much Like Positive Feedback Between Gears There's Never Vagueness Or Anything It's A Terrific Shifter Even This Engine Is.

I Guess Is The Most Surprising Thing About This This Weekend Is That It Isn't Like A Low-end Torque Monster You Know It Has A Lot Of Low-end Torque, But It Really Comes Alive In The High Rpms And When You Want This Thing Out To 5050 500 At Me It Feels Like It's Getting A Second Wind Like Vtec Kicks In You Feels Like It's Getting On Cam Look Like There's A Big Cam And There's There's A Bond Very Very Big Cam In Here, But The Really The Top End Response Out Of This Thing Is Really Surprising And It Adds To Like The Drama Of Driving This Thing Hard Because When You're Like We're Wide Open Throttle Like 4000 RPM In Any Year It's An Event And Then When It Gets More Thrilling And The Acceleration Force Gets Even Crazier Egg As The Motor Revs As The Speeds Keep Dropping Up It's More Of Like A Oh Whoa Okay Okay The Speed Just Piles On. So, Much. I Mean Look How.

I Gearing Is. So, Tall In This That, If You're Hammering Through Third Gear You Need To Be On A Race Track Yes As You're Going This Is All Ridiculous Any Fast This Car Gets A Lot Of Positive Attention By The Way Nobody Hates This Car. I Really Feel Like It's Kind Of This Is A Thing That Binds Our Country Together.

I Honestly Believe That Because Why There Is The Glue A Pleasure It's The Fabric Of Our Nation And You Get To Drive It And It Has Side Pipes Yes As Sign Fight Is Definitely A Side Effects Are Awesome Because No Matter Where You Go With This Car A Gas Station In Kentucky Or A Restaurant In Tennessee, If Anyone Sees It They're Going To Talk To You, But It's Not Going To Be In An Ostentatious Way There's Always Very Positive Yeah Everyone's Super Stoked About This Car The Viper Is The Universal American Thing You've Made A Choice To When You Own That When You Buy This Car To Do Something Manly It's Like Buying That Hummer Over There Or It's Like Buying Lamborghini LM 002 You're Not Buying It Because It's A Plush Next Experience You're Buying It Because There Is Some Intimidation To It There's Some Wrong And They're Not Some That's All The Car Is Is Just Like In Your Face Manliness Constantly One Thing About This Engine Is It's Kind Of The Worst Sounding Engine That Exists It Sounds Terrible, But It Has. So, Much Horsepower And. So, Much Torque You Know That You Kind Of Don't Care It Does It Tambor Is Terrible, But There Is A Certain Character Like It Is.

So, Gruff And It Is. So, Ugly Sounding The Air Almost Kind Of Like Okay It's Like It Is Hunched In The Ear By A Kangaroo Repeatedly You're Dealing With Such A Monstrous Amount Of Torque Was A 640 Horse And I Miss Howe Foot Stuttered Some Around There Like That's It's An Immense Amount Of Power You Have. So, Much Drive Will Train Like Underneath Here And You Have.

So, Much Tire That You Don't Want To Shock That Stuff You Want To Meter That Out Very Carefully. I Just Feel Like The Throttle Response Is A Little Bit Blunt Yeah And Part Of That's The Gearing To This Thing Is Crazy 12 Geared You Start Off In First Gear And The First Time You Drive This Car. I Think Everyone Would Check And Make Sure At My Third It Feels Like.

I'm In Third Cuz The Way It's Pulling Out Of The Hole Just This Is Their Gear Right Now Its First It's That Tall The Clutch Feel Is Slightly Different When You Say Different You Mean There's Less Others There's Certainly Less Clutch On This. I Tested This Car Last Week And. I May Have Let Some Anger Out On The Tires While Trying To Do The Slalom In It Hey, If You're Going To Be Angry In A Car This This Is One Of The This Is One Of Those Cars That Let's Have Anger On Its Tires Like Nothing Else This Whole Let's Make A Lot Of Smoke Written Rapid Fashion And At Very High Speeds That's True Yeah.

I Mean It's Got. So, Much Torque The Handling Balance Is Interesting This Is It This Is A You Know You Get Aside The Roughness You Get Aside The Intimidation This Is A Nicely Balanced Car. I Mean It's Pretty Neutral At The Limit There's A Little Bit Of Stability In The Nose What You Kind Of Want With Like A High Power You Know Rear Wade Bosh Is This Is 50-50 Weight Distribution, But You Want With A High Power Like Front-engine Rear-drive Car You Kind Of Want A Little Bit Of Stability In The Nose And This Has That, But It Really Has A Nice Balance Off Throttle That Really Helps You Control The Car Around The Grip Is Really Nice And Kind Of Frustrating To Talk About It When We're Just Driving Through Malibu And There's Some Stop Traffic Everywhere, If You Want To Exercise This Car There's No Possible Way To Do It On A Public Road You Just Can't Do It Without Being Completely Antisocial Going To Jail And Going To And Or And See You Definitely Need A Racetrack For This Thing You Don't Want To Be Surrounded By Other Cars And Driving This Thing Fast Unless You Have A Lot Of Familiarity With Where The Car Is How Big It Is And We Want To Be Able To Trust This Car's Location.

I Think That Comes With Driving In A Lot For Sure That's It. I Drove It Like A Wimp Across The Country Put It In 6th Gear Cruise Control And Then Tried To Zen Out All The Road Would Ye Miles. I Mean The Likelihood Of Something Going Going Wrong With Low Law Enforcement Types Is Very High.

I Mean You're Operating In A Target-rich Environment Here Back At Those Gas Stations Everybody Was Asked Like Oh. So, You Must Make A Good Time Huh Like Nope Making Really Good You Know Average Time Make Them Camry Time Not Making Good Time At All. I Tell You What Though Freeway On-ramps And Off Ramps Lots Of Fun Now You Also Had An Experience With With Wind Noise That.

I Don't Think. I. I Experience.

So, The Windows Don't Seem To Seal Properly You Know Hand-built Car Right. So, I Bought Some Yellow Painters Tape And Added Some Extra Tape To The Top Of The Window There Frameless Windows. So, It Would Seal A Bit Better And That Seemed To Solve It, But This Car On Long Distance Driving Which Again Is Not With This Cars Meant To Do It's Kind Of Unfair To Criticize This Car For Doing Bad Things During Long Just An Observation That's Yeah Just Not Under Kind Of Criticism.

I Couldn't Hang With The Door Rattle. So, For A Little Bit Of Background When This Car Was Delivered Or Shortly After It Was Delivered We Observed A Very Prominent Rattle That Came Out Of The Door It Sounded Kind Of Like A Handful Of Change In A Dryer Yes Absolutely And It's About 18 Inches From The Drivers Left Ear And It's Constant. So, When You're Driving On The Road It's Not As Though It Jingles When You Hit A Bump It's Jingling All The Time Yep All The Time This Guy Bless His Heart Drove All The Way Across This Great Nation And It's Big With That Round Going To The Door.

I Got In The Car And After An Hour And A Half. I Was Tearing My Hair Out. So, What.

I Did A Stopped In Knoxville My Friend Zach's House And Zach Has Tools And A Garage And We Are Men And We Took Apart The Door Panel And We Found What Was Wrong And It Was A Missing Fastener On An Exposed Stud And We Picked Up You Know Something Off The Garage Floor That Fit. I Was A Nyloc Nut Put It Down, Buttoned Up The Door No More That's That's A Viper Experience It Really Is Of Course. I Broke A Bunch Of Dork Lips In The Process.

I Noticed That You Had Some Microfiber Towels What Was That About 10 Car And It's Not To Wipe It Down We Did Not Clean This Car At All For The Entire Trip. So, These Are Ms Are Fine For Less Than Four Hours, But After Four Hours Or You've Got Your Two Hands Laluna Wrister Elbows On The Armrest Like It Actually Hurt And. I Have Like A Pretty Good Tolerance For Pain After A While.

I Was Like. I Can't. I Can't Do This Anymore.

So, When. I Bought The Tape I Also Bought Some Microfiber Towels That I Taped To The Armrest To Help Soften Them Up A Little Bit And I Feel Like It Helped I Feel Like It Made Their Drive A Little Bit More Tolerable. So, You Have Sissy Armrest.

I Oh, But Yeah. I'm A Sissy That's That's What It Is. I'm A Giant Sea Yes That's How Everybody's Gonna Take That What's This Is Not That Big Of A Car Like Surprised It's Really Not When You Park It Next To Like An SUV Or Something The Thing Is Completely Dwarfed Exactly I Think Like This I Think I'm At Nine Eleven Modern 911 Is Longer I Would Imagine I Think So, But The Proportions.

I Mean It Looks. So, Dramatic And It's This Is Probably One Of The Best Looking Cars In The Road It Looks It's Awesome It Looks. So, Good And That's What's Great As Not Being A Professional Photographer Even A Good Photographer The Strategy For Taking Good Photos In A With A Viper Like On A Road Trip Is Just Put It In Front Of Anything You Know This Is This Is The Last American Naturally Aspirated American Supercar Probably.

So, Don't Think About Everybody's You're Forced Induction Everybody's Going Turbo Dropping Displacement Like This Is The Weapon This Is One Of A Dying Breed It Really Is And. I Really Respect It For That This Is A Nice Interior In Terms Of Materials In Terms Of Like Interface Like The Digital Display This Is A Really Attractive Place To Be And Especially With Some Of The Higher-end Leather Packages When He Gets Like The GTS Interior Package With The Laguna Leather It's Gorgeous And. I Still Gorgeous.

I Don't Remember The Previous Gen Seats Were They Were They Pretty. I Want To Make A Favor Stuff Whatever. I Remember.

I Could It Makes Me Laugh Every Time This Is The Best Viper They've Ever Done. I Think That's Without A Doubt And Easy Thing To Say For Sure This Is Way More Refined Than Previous Faster Better Performing And All That What Would You Like This Them To Change. I Think That's A Really Good Question Is Where Does The Viper Go From Here Is That Everyone's Going To A Forced-induction Setup Can Do A Forced-induction Engine In A Viper And Have It Still Be A Viper Or Must It Have A V10 Is That The Defining Characteristic Of A Viper.

I Mean. I Think That's A Tough That's A Tough Question. I Wouldn't Want To Be The Guy Making That Call Because It's Not Easy.

I Want To Drive This Through Like All The Nice Parts LA Because You Don't See The UC 911s In LA You See Every Sports Car You Can Imagine La You Don't See By Personally This Is One Of The More Unique Things You Can Buy For 100 Grand Which Is What You're Getting For That Money Is Pretty Incredible And This Is Faster Than The Comparable 911 Comparable Corvette. I Would Not Be Surprised This Put Down Better Lap Times With The Skilled Driver At The Helm It's. So, Capable That To Extract The Most Out Of It Yeah You're Really Going To Be On Your Game Is There A More Badass Car Than A Viper In Terms Of, If You Put Wheels Ill Badassery Put Tires On A Saturn 5 That'd Be Close Close Get Close Almost There Think They're Rocking That Ticket For The Moon And Close One Thing Also You Mentioned The ACR And The Splitter In The Wing Yes.

I Rebecca. I Didn't Scrape The Nose As Much Is That Crazy. I Thought.

I Wasn't Escaping The Nose Everywhere And. I Think. I May Be Scraped It Once.

I Don't Know How That's Possible Because It Certainly Looks Low Yeah There It Is And Back To Edmunds.com Good It's Gonna Get Dark In Here Soon So. I'm Off You're Gonna See Us, But Do The Drama With Me Yeah Thank You.

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