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expected To Arrive On Australian Shores Later This Year The Ford Everest SUV Is One Of The Most Hotly Anticipated New Car Launches Of 2015 Our Low Production May Be Happening Abroad For All Intents And Purposes The Everest Is Still Very Much An Australian Car To Find Out More We're Here Today At Ford's Australian Head Office In Melbourne With One Of The Key Figures Behind Everest Ford's Asia-pacific Exterior Design Manager Dave DeWitt And This The Ford Everest Design Concept Car David Thank You For Your Time Today One Of The Things We'd Really Like To Learn About Is How Many People Have Been Involved In The Design And Development Of Everest It Varies Depending On The Stage In The Process. So, At Some Points There Can Be Up To 20 Guys Involved And Then As We Go Through The Development Process That Number Will Change Again Because Obviously As We Go Through The Feasibility Phase There's Quite A Lot Of Focus On Some Of The Details And That Obviously Requires Quite A Bit Of Individual Focus From From A Designer.

So, And That's A Team Based Here In Melbourne Yeah. So, That's Our Team You Know In The Design Studio Here In Australia. So, Which Includes An Exterior Design Team An Interior Design Team And Also Color A Material Design Team As Well.

So, Obviously Taking The Car From From The Ideation Stage To This A Finished Mock-up There's A Lot Of Steps Involved Can You Run Us Through The Process Yes Sure The First Thing We Do Is We Talk To The Customer And We We Talk To The Customer About What Their Expectations Are And From That Information We Start To Put A Brief Together. So, From Paper Through Computer Obviously Yeah And Then From There We Can Go Into The Scale Model Development And We Have Our Clay Modelers Work With The Designer And A Sketch And And Then From There We We We Can Then Go Into A Digital Environment And Then Refine The Design Even More And Then Eventually We Get To A Point Where We'll Start To Develop Full-sized Clay Models And We Can Dress Up Those Clay Models In To Actually Look Like Full-size Real Production Cars When We Have A Full-sized Vehicle Where It Gives You A Sense Of Scale And A Sense Of Portion And Allows You To Really Understand The Design Now Obviously This Car Here Is A Hand-built Mock-up Of The Everest What Elements Of The Design Are You Most Proud Of You Know There's A Few Things That. I'm Really Proud Of.

I Mean As As. I Mentioned Before You Know They Balancing The Requirements Of The Customer Can Be Challenging And. I Feel That We've Really Done That Very Successfully With The Everest, But On Top Of That.

I'm Proud That It's Being Done In Australia And By Australian Led Design Team. So, Yeah It's Pretty Cool It's An Amazing Part Of It And It's One Of Those Things That We As Australians. I'd Love To Know That Our Products And Our Designs And Our Skills Are Being Seen On A World Stage.

So, To Think Of This Very Much As An Australian Car Well David Thank You. So, Much For Your Time Today The Everest In Production Form Lands In Australia In Q3 2015 And We Certainly Cannot Wait To See It On The Road And Actually Get Behind The Wheel And See What This Fantastic Vehicle Is Like. So, David Thank You Very Much It's A Pleasure Job You.