20 wonderful 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 6104 Review Eastern Creek Track Test

working As A Motoring Writer People Always Tell Me That. I've Got The Best Job In The World And Look.

I'm Going To Be Honest It Is A Fairly Sweet Gig, But Just Like Any Job Some Days Are Worse Than Others, But. I've Got A Feeling That Today Isn't Going To Be One Of Those Days That's Because Today. I Get To Drive This The Lamborghini For A Car And To Make My Day With The Hurricane Even Better.

I Get To Spend It Here At Sydney Motorsport Park The Lamborghini Huracan Is The. Italian Brands Most Affordable Model Priced From Four Hundred And Twenty Eight Thousand Dollars Plus On-road Costs He Replaces The Gay Otto Which Was The. Italian Makers Biggest Selling Model Ever And The Company Already Knows The Hora Con Will Take That Mantle Over Its Life Cycle It's Powered By A Mid-mounted 5.2 Liter V10 With 449 Kilowatts Or 610 Horsepower Hence The LP 610 Dash For Name With The For Denoting The Cars All-wheel Drive System And 560 Newton Meters Of Torque.

So, That's The Numbers Out Of The Way Let's See How It Goes On The Track And We're Off The Instant That You Can Hear Just How Much Noise There You Keep In The Cabin Even Under Light Throttle At Sedate Speed Using The Animus Switch On The Steering Wheel Because Everything Is On The Steering Wheel You Can Adjust The Way The Car Behaves In Strata Which Is Street It's Basically Driver Friendly Passenger Friendly As Well, But You Want A Bit More Of A Manic Experience You Simply Need To Switch It To Sport You Can Hear On Cue It Wants To Be More Of An Animal Just The Amount Of Sound That Comes Into The Cabin Because The Engines Just There It's Manic And The Grip Phenomenal Lovely Throttle Blip It's In Full Automatic Mode Right Now. I'm Trusting It Knows What It's Doing And. I'm Telling You It Knows What It's Doing Down The Main Street At Sydney Motorsport Park Now 250 There Breaking Into Corner One Because It's A Bit Of A Quick One Carbon Ceramics Are Standard On The 610 Horsepower Four-wheel Drive Beast Of A Machine Probably My Only Complaint.

So, Far Is That The Steering Wheel Is Made Of Leather And. I've Got Sweaty Palms A Good Reason Haha This Is Great This Is. So, Much Fun Perhaps It's Time To Put It Into The Full Manic Courser Trap Mode And Of Course It Goes To Manual Mode Using These Lovely Paddles They're.

So, Big Feels Like You Can Grab One At Any Point You Need To Pull Bones It Doesn't Feel Like It's Rubbing To 8000 Rpm, But It Is And Boy Oh Boy This Is A Quick Car Pushing Out Of This Corner Steering Is. So, Precise He Corsa Mode Everything Is Just A Little Bit Quicker And Sharper Even Though You've Got To Shift It Yourself In Corsa And That's A Bit Of A Shame Because. I Think The Auto Knows What It's Doing Probably A Little Bit Better Than.

I Do, But The Way The Suspension Keeps Things Level Through These Corners Is Amazing Of Course, If There's Barely Any Role, But The Engine The Gearbox For Steering The Way It Looks What It's Like Inside Everything About This Car On A Racetrack Is Brilliant. So, It Turns Out. I Was Right Some Days Really Are Better Than Others Because That Was Amazing Now It's Got To Remember Where.

I Parked The Mirage Done Can. I Go Again.

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