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the Toyota Prado Has Long Been The Go-to SUV For Australian Families That Need A Comfortable Practical Seven Seat Family Off-roader, But Now There's A New Kid In Town It's An SUV That On Paper At Least Matches The Prado For User Friendliness Family Functionality And Diesel Efficiency In Fact It's An SUV That Might Even Be More Practical For Australian Families Why Because It Was Designed Here Yeah Mode It's The Range Of Base Forward Everest And Ford Tells Us It's Here To Take On The Almighty Toyota Prado This Everest Is The Top Spec Titanium It's Priced At Just Under Seventy Seven Thousand Dollars Features A 3.2 Liter Five Cylinder Diesel Engine That Makes 143 Kilowatts Of Power And 470 Newton Meters Of Torque And On This Side We've Got The VX Prado Which Is The Penultimate Prado In The Range Second From The Top It's Got A Slightly Smaller 2.8 Liter Turbo Diesel Engine Makes 130 Kilowatts And 450 Newton Liters Both Have Six-speed Automatic Transmissions Constant Or Wheel Drive And Most Importantly Both Have Seven Seats And Weigh A Little Over Two Tons Now The Ford Ranger Sorry The Everest Is All New Isn't It. I See What You've Done That What Ranger It's It's An Everest Well It Is Based On The Ranger Is It Not Okay Hold On Let's Clear This Up It Is Based On The Ranger, But Aside From The Chassis The Engine And The Driveline The Suspension And The Interior Are Different Speaking Of Which That Really Hasn't Changed Much Since 2009 And Aside From That Beign Mars Grille It's The Exact Same Prado It's Always Been The Grille Is A Little Bit Love It Or Hate It, But Being Around Since 2009 Is Not Quite As Bad As The Previous Prada Which Had Been Around Since About 1975 From Memory However This Is New It's Got A New Engine A 2.8 Liter Turbo Diesel We're Off Road In Its Natural Habitat.

So, You're Going To Get In The Second Row Where You Belong And. I'm Going To Show You How The Current Champ Gets The Job Done Offroad Okay Paul. So, As We Know This Is The Number One Seller Everybody Loves A Prado And There's Good Reason For It It's Comfortable It's Practical How Are You Feeling Back There Off-road Well We're Better Enter The Most Terrifying Part Of Our Four-wheel-drive Course In My Opinion Which Is The Big Sort Of Seesaw Where We Drop The Car On An Incredible Angle.

I've Got To Say That That The Prado Feels Natural In This Element. I Just Think It Does Everything. So, Easily That's The Key For The Prado And It Always Has Been It's Just Effortless Especially In This Tough Stuff Offroad The Last Time.

I Was On This. I Open The Door In A Different Brand Of Car And. I Couldn't Close It Because The Chassis Was Slightly Bent.

So, That's The Driver's Door Open Closed Without Norman Alright We've Got A Pretty Steep Decline Here Mate. So, Let's See How That Feels In The Back Seat Yeah Hold On To Something This Is Real Steep Stuff Too. So, Most Punters Are Going To Look At A Hill Like This And Say Well.

I'm Not Driving Down There, But When We're Doing It Quite Comfortably Here Itical Yeah Quite Comfortably Here In The Prado And Doing It Really Really Easily And We're About To Climb Up The Other Side Just As Easily. I Would Assume Now Make The Question. I've Got To Ask Here It Feels Rough There When You're On The Brake Pedal Look.

I've Got To Be Honest. I Don't Think The Feeling Of These Brakes Is Absolutely Ideal For This Kind Of Off-road Stuff It's A Little Touchy, But We Might Need Low Rain Today Keep It Up Kids Oh No We're Up There We Go. I'm Keen For Us To Cross That River Which Looks Quite Swollen At The Moment And See What Happens Yeah It's Been Raining Overnight Let's Go And Have A Look At That This Is This Is Much Deeper Than The Last Time We're Here It Is We Did A Little Recce The Other Day And It Wasn't Quite This Deep It Is Very Steep Coming Down In Here Too.

So, Let's Go In Gently Once We Touch That Tow Ball Down In Gently Gentle Speed And. I Can Actually Feel The Water Under My Feet Here That Is Going To Be The Big Difference Between The Waiting Depth Of The Prado And The Everest All Right Well We've Done Plenty Of Offroad Bashing Around Now What We Need To Do Is Have A Bit Of A Look At How This Performs On Road. So, Let's Head For Some Seal Stuff And We'll Check That Out.

So, Paul 80 Kilometer In Our Country Road We've Been Wafting Between 80 And 100 At The Moment And Wafting Is The Right Word Because Let's Be Honest No One's Ever Accused The Prado Of Having Fantastic On Road Handling Dynamics No Look While It Is Comfortable To Sit Back Here. I Did Notice When We Went Around A Few Of Those Corners That It Really Rolls On A Lot And While The Suspension Is Soft Over Those Bumps And Continuous Undulations It Really Sort Of Rides A Lot And Doesn't Feel Confidence-inspiring Going On A Family Trip Or Something You Got A Full Load Of People And You Come Across You Know Mountain Stretch Or Something Like That Everything About It Just Doesn't Feel Well Sorted So. I'll Be Keen To See How That Compares Sort Of Directly To That Everest.

So, Trent You're Now Secure It In The Back Mate And Hope You're Enjoying It We're About To Go Through Our Seesaw Here. I Preferred Being Upfront Just Quietly Now The Cool Thing Here Both Cars Have A Graphical Display And As. I Tip This Car In 22 Degrees 23 Yes On An Angle There Yeah How Does That Feel For You Mate.

I Would Like A Grab Handle Up In The Roof Like You Had An Adapter, But In Terms Of Comfort Very Very Good Back Here Considering That Extreme Angle. So, You Made Me Test The Rigidity Of The Chassis On The Prado It's Only Fair That You Do The Same Door Test Here With The Abbot Of Tires In The Air So. I've Been Fine Yep Look At That Nice And Taut That's Very That Is Very Impressive.

So, It's Worth Mentioning That Both Of These Are On A Ladder Frame Chassis It's Quite Impressive There That They're Rigid Enough To Handle That Terrain Without Too Many Dramas. I Think The Other Thing To Mention Too Mate Is That The Everest Riding On 20 Inch Wheels And Tires And The Prados Are More Off-road Bias. So, What The Everest Can Actually Do Off-road Is Pretty Impressive Really Well Yeah It Should Be Limited Especially When When We Get To These Sections Where We're Dropping It Into Ditches That That Currently Reading 22 Degrees This Car Doesn't Bottom Out Like The Prado Did On The Entrance No It Doesn't It Seems To Ride A Little Higher Yep Super Comfortable On That Steep Stuff Back Here It Has To Be Said Very Comfortable And We're Also Not Getting That Tow Bar Hitting As Much Which Is Interesting Very Good Round Clearance For Off-road Work In This Vehicle That's For Sure This Next Section Is Is Tricky Because We We Left The Proto And High Range And It Gone Up Let's See What It Needed Some Throttle Though The Prado The Everest Doesn't Want To No Matter What.

I'm Doing There We're Not Getting Getting Anywhere And That's Partly Tires As We Mentioned Before That. So, What We'll Do Instead Of Going Into Low Range. I'll Just Try Locking The Rear Differential Which Is As Easy As Pushing A, Button And We'll Try This Again Look At That Yeah It's Going To Get Up There.

I Mean It's Working A Little Harder, But It's Not Uncomfortable By Any Means. So, Mate As We Go Over These Cobblestones Towards Our River Crossing How Does It Feel In The Back There Yeah Look Considering This Is On 20 Inch Tires It Actually Rides Quite Comfortably Now You Mentioned Before That This Has Got A Deeper Weighting Rating Than The Prado. So, This Should Tackle The River Crossing Quietly That's Right.

So, We've Got 800 Mil One Offer Here What We're Wading Through. So, We'll Drop That Front Engine Again We're Not Getting The Back End Bottoming Out Like We Did In The Product Yeah It's Very Gentle The Way It Enters Isn't It Just On The Throttle And Look At That Nice And Easy. I Know That The Ranger Is A Capable Car Off-road, But That Really Proves That They've Carried That Forward Here And Made This Really The All-round Package It's Definitely A Tough Off-roader And.

I Suspect It's Going To Be The Same On The Road Country Roads Are The Bread And, Butter Of These Cars Trent And. I Am Very Comfortable Behind The Wheel And The Other Thing. I've Noticed As Well Is That It Is Whisper Quiet In Here Very Very Impressive The Refinement In General It's Certainly Quieter Than The Prado We Suspected This Would Be A Little Firmer On The Road Than The Prado And It Is We're Right, But The Payoff For That Is That It's A Lot Better At Handling There's No Claustrophobia Although It Is A Little Smaller Or It Feels Smaller Back Here Than The Prado Just In General Look That Could Partly Be Due To That Panoramic Roof, But Certainly From A Driver's Perspective It Doesn't Feel Anywhere Near As Cavernous.

I Think The Reality Though Is That This Is Definitely The Winner On The Road Oh Absolutely It Does Everything Well The Engine Is Quite Responsive The Gearbox Is Lovely It Really Just Does Tick All Those Boxes On-road We Put Both These Cars Through Their Paces Today Both On And Off Road The Proto Did Exactly What We Expected It To Do Feeling Like It Could Tackle It Any Day Of The Week What Surprised Us Was Just How Well The Everest Followed Through With Every Single Scenario It's Equally Capable Off-road And With All Its Technology On Board More Capable On It The Proto Might Deservedly Top The Sales Charts, But For A Combination Of On And Off-road Ability And Family-friendly Packaging The Everest Takes The Win Chaps Welcome What Took You. So, Long. I've Been Here All Day.

I've Even Got The Catalogue Are You Doing Here There's No Tennis Clubs Around Here Mate Very Funny Paul No. I've Been Watching You Guys Out There With The SUV's Today And They've Got Me Thinking The Fancy New Ford There Is A $80,000 Seven Seat Off-road Capable Pretty Comfy SUV My Land Rover Discovery Fool Here Around $80,000 Seven Seats Off-road Capable Comfortable SUV You Can See Where. I'm Going With This.

So, We've Seen That The Everest And The Prado Can Both Handle Themselves Out Here In The Bush, But How Will The New Ford Go On The Way Back To Town And In A Bit Of The Urban Jungle It Sounds Like We've Got A Comparison On Their Hands Sure Does Paul Well Let's Get Packed Up Here And Head Back Drink Coffee To Read The Full Review Of The Everest Taking On The Prado Click Above, But, If You Want To See The Everest Take On The Discovery Click Below.