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it's Become The New Great Australian Getaway Machine The Lifestyle You'd A 4x4 Double Cab Pickup That Works Hard During The Week And Probably Even Harder On The Weekends This Car Ford's 2016 Ranger Wildtrak The Range-topping All-singing All-dancing Version Of Their Locally Developed Pickup Let's Take A Closer Look And While It May Seem That There's An Infinite Number Of Range Of Variants Available On The Market The Wild Track Kind Of Sits Alone, But Its Own Unique Look Own Unique Color And It's $60,000 Isn't Really The Blue-collar Work You'd Of Old It's Aimed Fairly And Squarely At The Lifestyle Segment Now What Do We Mean By That. I'll Show You Take The Garage Door Style Tonneau Cover Great For Security, But, If You're Trying To Put A Big Load In The Back There You Can See That The Unit Itself Takes Up Quite A Bit Of Space Underneath The Rear Spoiler Assembly Which By The Way Has Got An Integrated Light That Could Be Turned On From Within The Cabin Kind Of Cool The Tray Itself Which Is Roughly A 1.5 Meter Square Has A Number Of Tie-down Points, But Two Of Them Are Buried Right Up Underneath The Roll Top Up Near The Front Of The Cabin Making Them Really Hard To Get To There Are No Exterior Tie-down Points Making This Not The World's Most Practical Working Ute, But, If You've Got A Whole Bunch Of Camera Gear In The Back Or Perhaps Something For Camping Or A Weekend Away Then It Does Work Quite Well It Is Down Slightly On An XLT For Example As Far As Load Capacity With An Overall Of 907 Kilos, But It's Still A Very Very Functional Ute You've Got A Standard Toe Ball There With A Three And A Half Ton Toe Capacity And Lots Of Other Cool Features Let's Go Check Out The Back Seat Let's Call It Out Right Now You're Never Going To Be As Comfortable As In The Back Of An SUV Wagon.

I'm Sitting Here. I Have Got A Stack Of Headroom, But That Driver Seats In My Position And. I'm Feeling A Little Bit Close And My Feet Particularly In My Big Boots Are Feeling A Little Bit Tight On The Floor That Said It's Not Uncomfortable The Bench Itself Is A Little Bit Firm Its Scalloped On The Outside Seats, But It Probably Won't Work Well, If You're Sitting Three Up Particularly With Adults The Children Know You've Got To.

ISOFIX Points On This Side On This Side Obviously The Center Armrest With Cupholders Map Pockets A 12-volt Charge Point And A Really Handy Main Style Outlet Which While It Apparently Won't Run Our Coffee Machine Thanks Paul Will Do Charges For Laptops And Cameras Which We Use All The Time There's Also Another One In The Tray Of The Ute Now Before We Get Behind The Wheel And Go For A Drive There's A Couple Of Things. I Need To Show You Up The Front Now As. I Said Before This Color Pride Orange Is Exclusive To The Wild Track And Is Actually A $500 Option There Are Five Color Choices By The Way The Pug Dogface Grace Around On The Grill Is Unique To The Wild Track And Obviously Helps Set Apart This From Any Other Ranger In Traffic Now.

I'm Not Actually A Total Fan Of This. I Prefer The Chrome Grill On The XLT, But Each To Their Own Now Under The Bonnet Is The 3.2 Liter 5-cylinder Turbo Diesel With 147 Kilowatts And 470 Newton Meters There's A Big Heavy Duty Battery That Helps Run All The Cars Accessory Systems, But The Big Call Out Here Is The Height Of The Air Intake The Ranger Has An 800 Millimeter Water Wading Depth Which Is Pretty Impressive For A Car Like This We Would Demonstrate It For You, But Well There's No Water Actually In The Creek Over There Because This Is Australia Anyway Let's Go For A Drive Now Probably Wouldn't Have Been That Long Ago When The Suggestion Of A Ute Being The Family Transport And The Car That You Basically Wanted To Have As Your Lifestyle Vehicle Would Have Been A Very Foreign Concept For A Lot Of Australian Families It Was Wagons And Nothing Else The Rise Of The Lifestyle Ute Particularly With Cars Like The Wild Track Has Seen A Whole New Growth In This Segment Because People Are Using These Cards For A Little Bit Of Work During The Week Particularly, If You're In The. I Guess We'd Call Them The White Blue Collars Builders Architects That Kind Of Frontline Industry Where You Do Need A Bit Of A Load Bay At The Back And You Do Want Some All-wheel Drive Capability, But You're Not There On The Tools Banging In Nails All Day Every Day.

So, It Used To Be That A Body-on-frame Ute Was A Pretty Agricultural Piece Of Equipment You'd Get A Lot Of Noise A Lot Of Vibration Not A Lot Of Sound Deadening You Were Basically In A Chassis With A Cab And A Tray At The Back The Range Of Wildtrak Is Much More SUV Like, If That Makes Sense At All And You Know What It's Actually Really Quite Pleasant To Drive The Car Has A Electronic Steering System That Around Town Lightens It Up And Makes It Very Easy To Maneuver Through Parking Spaces And Tight City Streets, But Out Here On The Highway We're Doing 100 Kilometres An Hour It Loads It Up. So, You Do Get A Bit Of Weight There That Feels Well Quite Right In Your Hands It's Very Comfortable, But It's Something That You Could Easily See A Long Journey Being A Very Very Capable And Comfortable Way To Tour Around Now Cabin Noise Not Sure, If You Can Hear It, But It's Certainly Noisier In Here Good It Would Be In A Comparable SUV A You Tend To Be Well Maybe A Little Bit More Economical On The Sound Deadening, But That Said It's Actually Pretty Reasonable We've Measured The Sound And Around 70 Decibels At 80 Kilometers An Hour Which Is Sort Of In Line With Well A Noisy SUV, If You Will It's Predominantly Wind Noise You Can Hear It Off The Mirrors You Can Hear It Coming Through Various Parts Of The Cabin, But Generally It's Not That Bad It's The Sort Of Thing That You Can Well Certainly Turn Up The Stereo And Knock Most Of It Out Now A Car Like The Wildtrak You're Buying It Because It Suits Your Lifestyle And That Probably Means Getting Out Of Town On A Regular Occasion Comfort Is Then A Very Very Prime Requirement For You And. I Have To Say This Is A Really Comfy Car To Drive It Rides An Awful Lot More Like An SUV Wagon Than A You You Don't Get The Standard Sort Of Longitudinal Float That You You Tend To Get With The Leaf Sprung Rear Particularly Without Anything In The Back As We Are Today The Car Rides Relatively Softly Is A Little Bit Of Jitter It's Certainly Firmer Than You Would Get From A Specific Urban Focused SUV, But In Terms Of A Ute It's Actually Really Really Nice And That's Considering We're On 18-inch Wheels In The Wild Track As Well Seating Wise Now.

I'm A Big Guy. I've Got Plenty Of Room Here. I'm Sort Of Sitting A Cowboy Stance, If You Will My My Knees Resting Up Against The The Center Console On The Door Trim And.

I'm Really Really Quite Comfy You've Got A Nice Big Arm Sill Because Well This Is Australia Going To Rest Your Elbow Up There And There Is A Massive Call Out To The Amount Of Storage Around The Cabin You've Got A Really Big Glove Box Which Apparently Can Fit A Laptop We'll Test That In A Minute Big Door Pockets Here Which Have Got Bottle Holders In Them You've Got Twin Cupholders A Little Cubby Down In Front Of The The Console Which We've Managed To Fill Up Already, But There's Also A Twin Stage Cubby In The Center Armrest There Are Two USB Points To Twelve Volt Outlets And SD Outlet A Line In Jack Behind Us There's Another 12-volt Outlet Plus A 240 Volt Outlet It's A Very Very Practical Car And One Of The Biggest Areas The Wildtrak Differs From Other Ranges Is Of Course The Interior You Get The Contrast Stitching Which Can Be Had In Any Colour You Like As Long As It's Orange As They Say In The Classics The Seats Too Are A Mixture Of Cloth And Leatherette Material That. I Sort Of Put Together In A Sports Light Fabric Which Is Black With Orange Inserts May Not Be - Everybody's Tastes, But. I Tell You What It Sort Of Reaffirms The Fact That You've Gone For The Slightly More Out There Option In The Ranger Lineup.

So, Being A Double Cab Versus A A Wagon Like Say The Ford Everest You've Got All Basically The Enclosed Cabin That We're In Now And That's About It And Vision Out Of Here Is Actually Really Good You've Got A Pill Quite Close To Your Head Which. I've Got Grab Handles On Them For When You're Going Off-road Otter To Help Getting In And Out, But They Don't Obstruct Vision At All Really The Mirrors Are Nice And Big And You've Got Quite A Lot Of Vision Around You With The Rear Windows And Of Course The The Center Rear Window Providing Really Good Visibility Materials As Well Are Really Nice The Steering Wheel With Its Leather And Contrast Stitch Is Nice To Hold And. I Have To Say It Feels A Lot More Premium In Here Than You Would Expect Something To Call Out Is The Dark Headliner It's A Weird Thing, But.

I Find In Cars Which Have Got A Dark Headliner As Opposed To A Light One It Immediately Lifts The Environment A Little Bit And Makes It Feel A Little Bit More Special And That's What The Wildtrak Is You're Wanting A Ute You're Wanting The Practicality, But You Want Something A Little Bit Different And When The Update Ranger Launched Last Year Ford Made A Big Fuss About This Being The Safest Car In The Segment And Well You Know What They're Not Wrong With The Optional Technology Pack That Comes On The Wild Track And Actually Let's Just Call This One Out It's 600 Bucks On A $60,000 You To Get The Tech Pack That's 1% Of The Purchase Price Just Bundle It In Ford Just Make It Part Of The Package, If You're Buying A Ranger Wildtrak Insist On Getting That Tech Pack As Part Of The Deal Please Now As Part Of The Technology Pack Fitted To This Vehicle You Get A Lot Of Really Cool Modern Driver Assistance Features That Were Certainly Only Available In Some High-end European Cars Up Until A Few Years Ago And Remember It's Still A Ute We've Got Radar-guided Cruise Control On And Active At The Moment We've Got A Lane Keeping And Lane Departure Assistance System Working As Well, But We'll Notice, If We Swerve Out Of Our Lane It Will Bring Us Back In With A Minor Adjustment To The Steering Wheel Automatically It's Not Full Autonomy, But It's Getting There Certainly For A Ute We've Got A Pre Collision Warning System With A Row Of Lights Up Here On The Dashboard That Will Light Up In Order Of Severity Of How Close You Are For The Vehicle In Front, If You're Just Sort Of Tailgating Someone A Little Bit Too Close You Get Six Lights, If They're Stopping In A Hurry And You Need To Be Thinking About It You'll Get The Full Row Now It's Not An Automated Emergency Braking System It Prime's The Brakes To Basically Help You Stop Very Quickly In An Accident, But You Need To Be Paying Attention This Is Just A Pre Collision Warning System, But Still Something Pretty Impressive As Far As Other Driver Assistance Features Fitted To A 4x4 Pickup Like The Wildtrak It's A Long Long List There's A Trailer Sway System There's A Rollover Mitigation System Is Obviously Hill Descent Control For Four-wheel Driving And A Bunch Of Other Systems That Are Designed To Make With Your Life Driving The Ranger Wildtrak An Awful Lot Easier And A Lot Safer And. I Tell You What They're Pretty Easy To Use As Well You've Got These Twin 4.2 Inch LCD Screens Either Side Of The Main Speedometer And You Can See A Little Graphic Here At The Moment That Shows What Speed We're Doing Where We're Sitting In Our Lane And How Far The Car Is In Front Of Us It Was Only Not That Long Ago That You Have To Mean A Mercedes To See That This Is A Ford Another Big Change For The Second-generation Ranger Was Of Course Ford's Sync - Eight Inch Touchscreen Now Let's Call It Out It Is A Well Featured System You've Got Navigation You've Got Digital Radio You've Got Voice Recognition You've Got All Sorts Of Gee Whiz And Whiz-bang That Goes Along With It And Fundamentally It Does Work, But It's Not The Best On The Market There's A Lot Of Clumsiness To It The Interface Itself Is Quite Tricky To Use As A Touchscreen Particularly While You're On The Move And Bumping Around A Little Bit In A You've Got Quite Small, Buttons That You've Got To Line Your Finger Up To Get. So, It's Not The Easiest System To Use And Then Of Course The Much Touted Voice Control Which Ford Have Said Oh It's Terrific You Can Simply Say To Your Car.

I'm Hungry And It'll Find You A Restaurant. I Don't Know About You, But. I've Never Actually Just Said.

I'm Hungry To The Car. I Want Very Simple And Clear Commands To Be Able To Put In To Call Someone To Set The Climate To Put In A Destination, But For Simple Tasks Like That You Need To Know The System's Language And The Way That It Works And Even Then It's Not Perfect Check This Out Climates 18 Degrees Trasolini Device Name Like Phone Or USB You Can Also See Navigation For Climbers Back Menu See A Command Cancel Now, If You Don't Tell Zero How Their To Shut Up She'll Just Keep Going And Trying To Do Whatever You Want And You Would Have Noticed We Said Climate And She Said You Should Just Say Climate So. I Don't Quite Know, If It's Not Been Picked Up To Get A Very Australian Twang Although She Responds With Some Pretty Strong Ozzie Isms Herself Or In Fact It's The Cabin Noise That Doesn't Really Work With The Car At 110 Kilometers An Hour Here It's Just Not Perfect It's Not The Best Implementation And To Be Honest It's Still Easier To Go Through Manually To Set Up What You Want To Do You Can Do The Fun One Of.

I'm Hungry, If You Like, But Out Here In The Middle Of Victoria Well Quite Frankly. I Want To Trust The Cars Recommendation One Thing. I'm Not A Huge Fan Of In The Layout Of The Rangers Cabin Is The Air Conditioning Controls On The Lower Part Of The Center Stack Here It Kind Of Angles In And Unless You Really Know Exactly Where Everything Is It Becomes A Little Bit Hard To Find And You Need To Look At It For A Lot Longer Than You Probably Should Rather Than Looking Ahead Something Like Say They're Heated Seat Controls Which Is Included On The Wildtrak By The Way It's Not The Clearest, Button To Kind Of Look At And Well, If You're Doing A Hundred KS An Hour And Not Really Paying That Much Attention Too Worried About How Warm Your Bum Is Probably Something That Should Be A Lot Easier To Set And Again Ford Suggests You Should Probably Do It With The Voice Control System, But God Knows How Long That'll Take And Pulling The Wildtrak As In Most Other Ranges Is The 3.2 Liter 5-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine With 147 Kilowatts And 470 Newton Meters Of Torque It's Appeared In This Car To A Six-speed Automatic Transmission And.

I Tell You What It's Good It's Really Good To Be Honest Cruz Is Quite Happily It Rides Quite Easily Around Town You Don't Get A Lot Of The Kind Of Lag ENOS That You Do In Some Of The Other Double Cab Utes And For The Gearbox Match To This System It's A Very Very Smooth Changing Unit You Can Pop It Into A Sports Mode, If That's Your Thing, But Really Leaving It In Drive Letting The Car Do Its Thing It's A Very Very Smooth Thing To Drive And To Be Honest Probably The Most Impressive Part Of The Rangers Underpinnings One Of The Things That Ford Did When They Updated For The The Series To Ranger That We're In Now Was Improving The Fuel Economy Previously. I Think They Claimed It Was Just Under 10 Liters Per Hundred And Now They Say On A Combined Cycle You Should See Around Nine Now We've Done A Lot Of Freeway Driving Today And Currently Well We're Sitting On Exactly Nine Liters Per Hundred Which For A Car Like This Is Actually Okay It's Not As Good As Saviour Suzu D-max Which We've Been Very Impressed With The Fuel Economy Out Of The Three Litre Diesel In In That Car, But It's Not Bad And It's Not The Sort Of Thing That You Used To Be Driving A Big Car Like This You'd Be Looking Deep Into The Teens Even Low 20s For Fuel Consumption Nine Litres 400 Honestly That's Great You Don't Even Need To Worry About It Now While Generally It May Be Coming Across At The Opinion Of The Ranger And The Wild Track Specifically Is Really Good And To Be Honest It Is This Is A Car You'll Be Very Happy With Things To Call Out Though Some Of The Plastics They Well They're A Little Bit Cheap And Flimsy In In Spots Remembering This Is A $60,000 Car Before On Roads And Before Any Accessories That You Want To Add You Sort Of Want Things To Be A Little Bit Nicer, But That Said It Is A Ute At Its Core And You Want Things That Are Going To Be Easy To Clean, But Let's Face It Your Entire Life Living With The Wild Track Is Not Going To Be Spent On The Highway Let's Go And See How It Deals With Some Well Slightly More Bumpy Roads We've Come Off The Main Highway Now On To A Bit Of A A Rough V Road And The Range Is Still Doing A Really Good Job Of Translating The Road Back To Me The Driver It's Still Not Chittering Around It's Still A Relatively Comfortable Ride You Can Feel Certainly The Firmness Of The Youth Even Over Those Little Bumps There, But It's Light Enough And Direct Enough To Provide Not Only An Enjoyable Driving Experience, But A Very Confident One As Well One Little Annoying Thing That. I Will Say The Mirror Controls Are Practically Invisible They're Hidden Behind The The Indicator Stalk Here On The Right Of The Steering Wheel.

I Can Just See The, Button That Folds Them In When You Park And. I Can't See The D-pad At All To Maneuver The Mirrors Now Occasionally You Do Need To Change Where Your Mirrors Are On The Move That's A Pretty Annoying System Plus There's A, Button Down Near My Right Knee. I've Got No Idea What It Does.

I've Been Pressing It On And Off On And Off Nothing Lights Up On The Dash Nothing Changes In The Car, But Because It's Down There. I Can't Actually See What It Is. I Know What It Is The Light In The Rear Tray By The Way Just Before You Jump On The Comments, But It Is Very Hard To See And Something Obviously That You Need To Familiarize Yourself With Before Driving The Wild Tracking For Any Great Distance Now On A Gravel Road Like Like This Wild Tracks Very Settled You Can Feel It Bumping Around You Can Feel It Dealing With The Corrugations, But We're Feeling Very Settled With Certainly Not Getting A Lot Of Vibration And Unjú Comfort Back Into The Cabin And Again Cars Barely Skipped A Beat Coming Through Here Typical Driving On Gravel Roads Though You Do Need To Take Care We're Still In Two-wheel Drive We Can Switch To Four-wheel Drive On The Fly For You, If We Want To, But At This Point We Don't Think Alright Now We've Taken The Ranger Off The Main Track Onto A Slightly Less Well Trodden Path With A Very Steep Decline.

I Would Actually Use The Cars A Hill Descent Control To Help Govern Coming Down Here Very Simple Thing Is Press A, Button Tells You It's Ready You Say Okay And Off We Go And It Basically Governs The Car Down The Hill You Can Hear It Kind Of Clicking Away Working The Traction Control Systems As It Manages It Coming Down The Hill You Can Probably Hear More If. I Shut Up To Be Honest, But This Obviously As A System Is There To Help You Do It It Feels Like We're Crawling Down Here With With A Huge Margin For Safety, But Obviously The Car Is Managing And Balancing Its Way Down This Relatively Steep A Little Decline Knowing That All The Time It's In Full Control Now While This Car Is Certainly Quite Capable In Some Pretty Extreme Off-road Environments As We've Seen And Tested A Number Of Times Let's Face It Most Of Us Don't Really Kind Of Go Anywhere That's Going To Put The Vehicle To Its Ultimate Test Where We Are Now On A Very Thin Quite Steep Not Particularly Rutted, But Well-maintained Path Is Probably Well It's Probably Pretty Standard Off-road ENOS For Most Australian Families And The Ranger Is Just Eating This Stuff Up We've Got A Locking Rear Diff Should We Need It, But To Be Honest Down Here And We're In Four-wheel Drive High At The Moment By The Way Coming Down Here Is Fine Then We Got Another Steep Decline Just For Safety. I'm Going To Pop On The Hill Descent Control System Again And It Can Manage Us Down Here And It Shows That, If You're Even A Novice Or First-time Or Not Regular Off-road User The Cars Got Enough Technology That It Helped Support You And You Can Make Sure That You Can Get In And Out Of A Nice Drive In The Bush Without Any Stress To You The Family Or The Car Sometimes It Does Get A Little Bit Steep Like Here And You Need To Not Only Manage And What We're Going To Do Is Stop We're Going To Put Our Locking Rear Diff And We're Going To Put It On Four-wheel Drive Low The Thing Is Is Coming Up Here In A Car Like The Ranger It's Substantially More Capable Than You Give It Credit For Never Not Fun Now We've Put It In For Low And We've Locked The Rear Diff Just To Make Sure We Got Up Because That's Embarrassing On Video When You Don't, But.

I'll Turn It Around And We'll Go Back Down Well Look For $60,000 Yes The Ranger Wildtrak Is A Pretty Expensive Ute, But Whichever Way You Look At It It's A Hell Of A Lot Of Car For The Money Both In Sheer Size And Sheetmetal Features Functionality Capability Both Out Here In The Bush And Back In Town Now, If You're A Buyer Who's Looking To Move From Say An SUV Wagon Make Sure You Go In With Your Eyes Open Because You're Probably Not Going To Get The Same Level Of Comfort Refinement For Perhaps Even Usable Space Than What You Used To, But, If You Think A Double Cab You'd Like All Pug-face There Is Exactly What You Need To Fit Your Work And Play Lifestyle Then Take A Look At The 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak And I Reckon You'll Be In Prep.

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