16 perfect 2017 Honda Ridgeline Death Valley Shock Test

over 3.1 Million Commodores Have Been Built And Sold In Australia Over The Past 37 Years Spanning Four Key Model Generations, But With This The VF Series To Have Hold And Saved Their Very Best Until Last And While Vf2 Is Just An Update There Are Some Pretty Decent Changes All Sports Models Including Sv6 Get The Revised Front End Calais Although It Looks The Same At The Front As An Update To The Back Including New Tail Laps Speaking Of Lamps Sport Wagon Gets Cool LED Numbers, But All The Big Changes Are Here In SS SS V NS Sv Redline Models Which Get A 6.2 Liter 304 Kilowatt 570 Newton Meter Ls3 V8 Engine Has Standard. So, Why The Changes Well The New Front Air Dam Actually Lets More Air In To Keep The Engine Cool, But In Turn Reduces The Cars Aerodynamics.

So, These Vents On The Side Help Air Rush Past The Side Of The Car Reducing The Overall Drag Coefficient Where The Vents On Top Simply Let All The Hot Gas Escape Keeping The Big Ls3 Cool And Part Of The Ls3 Upgrade Is This The Mechanical Sound Enhancer Which Essentially Pipes Induction Noise Into The Cabin To Help Balance Out The Noise You Get From The Bimodal Exhaust At The Back Which We'll Get To In A Minute Now All This Gives You A Much More Snarly Entertaining And Certainly A Louder Exhaust Experience Reminding You Well You've Got The Bigger Zva Now Before We Go For A Drive Not Everything's Changed On The Boot Hasn't Changed Still Big Backseat Hasn't Changed Still Big Still Comfy Still No Charge Points Cabin Well Hasn't Changed Much It's Still Comfy Still Plenty Of Room Still Pretty Well Equipped Let's Go See What All The Fuss Is About One Of The Biggest Changes For Vf2 Has Been The Bimodal System Exhaust Which Is Configured From The MyLink Touchscreen Here To Give You An Example Of What It's Like You've Actually Got A Lot More V8 Noise In The Cabin With The System Off Anyway Thanks To Some Clever Piping Up Front To Give You An Indication Of The Difference Now That's Off We Put Our Foot Down With The Exhaust System Activated You Certainly Know That It's There In Terms Of Acceleration. So, In A Freeway On-ramp To Go From 50 Kilometers Now Up To 100 The Big SS Has Got Plenty Of Power Now Commodores Cabins Always Been Very Good And Of Course Vf2 Is No Exception It's Still Very Comfortable It's A Little Bit Louder Thanks To The Exhaust, But It's A Very Premium Feel Particularly For An Australian Built Car Which Is A Testament To The Hard Work That's Been Put In By Holden Than Their Engineers For The Redline Model You Now Get Brembos At All Four Wheels Which Really Helps With Stopping Power And Actually Makes The Car A Lot More Track Focused For Any Enthusiast Tapping Ride Is Also Improved By The Change Of The Rear Suspension You've Got A Slightly Thinner Sway Bar, But There Are Different Mounting Points That Gives The Car A Lot More Compliance Over Standard Roads, But Still Very Direct And Capable Turning When You're Pushing It Pretty Hard Now With The Mighty 6.2 Now Under The Bonnet There Is A Twelve And A Half Percent Performance Gain Over The Previous VF Generation How Does That Translate Well There's A Lot Of Seat-of-the-pants Feeling Of Certainly More Power, But To Put This To The Test. I Think We Need To Put It To A Drag Race Ok Well Let's Put The Ls3 S Performance Credentials To The Test The Most Sensible Way We Know How Here Is A 6.2 Liter V8 - SS Youth And There Is A Six Litre VF Series 1 SS Ute Driven By My Handsome Assistant Paul We're Going To Do This In A Very Sensible And Mature Way Loser Buys Lunch Let's Go Three-two-one Ha Well The VF Commodore Has Always Been A Very Good Car With More Power And Better Value The V Of Two Is Only Oh Better Rear Wheel Drive V8 Sedans Utes And Wagons A Thing Of Rarity These Days And In Fact Is Never Really Going To Be Another Car Quite Like This So, If You're Thinking It's Time To Perhaps Reignite Some Of That Commodore Passion Well This Is The One To Get You.