22 amazing 2015 Subcompact SUV Challenge

this Is Automotive Editor Josh Sadler With An Edmunds Expert Rundown Of The 2017 GMC Terrain The Terrain Is A Compact Crossover From GMC It's Got Two Rows Of Seats And To Be Honest It's Kind Of A Lame Duck At This Point This Is The Final Year Production For The Current Generation Terrain GMC Has Already Shown Us The 2018 To Ring It's Going To Have All New Styling All New Everything It's Going To Be Hot In This Class And This Vehicle Frankly Is Not Hot Compared To Most Of Its Rivals We Don't Like The Base Four-cylinder Engine The Optional V6 Isn't Bad, But By Then You're Spending A Fair Amount Of Money And The Interior Quality Isn't Going To Wow You. So, Overall You Got A Spacious Back Seat In The Terrain, But Beyond That We Might Advise Waiting For Next Year To See What A Brake Step Inside The Terrain And There's That Big Old Backseat Plenty Of Room For A Couple Of Tall Folks Back There Even Three In A Pinch That Is One Of The Best Features About The Terrain And As You Can See There's Even Some Funky Upholstery To Give You Something To Look At Back There Up Front That Design Goes Back Quite A Few Years At This Point, Buttons Are Small The Infotainment System They've Tried To Shoehorn A Decent One In There, But The Bottom Line Is You're Going To Feel The Age Of The Terrain Relative To Its New Arrivals Such As The Redesigned Honda CRV And Our Personal Favorite The Mazda Cx-5 For More Edmunds Expert Rundowns Click The Link To Subscribe You.