25 elegant Chevrolet Spark Detroit Auto Show 2016

HSV Has Just Revealed Its Last Ever Range Of Vehicles Based On Locally Produced Cars And Now. I'm About To Take You Around For A Lap Of Philip.

Island In The Most Powerful One In The Lineup The 470 Kilowatt LS Nine Powered HSV GTS Rw1 They Know. I Haven't Driven Here Right All Right Then Here We Go. I Was Going To Talk About How We've Got This Supercharged LS 9 Under The Bonnet.

I Was Going To Talk About How. I've Got These Pirelli Tires Underneath And These Six Spot AP Brakes, But How Gorgeous It Sound Ah Fuck The Nose Back In Get It In There Just Hold The Throttle Feel That Torque Vectoring Tell Me To Play Now Fair You Know A Bit Of A Lift Down Through Here. I Can Just Crack The Throttle Get That Torque Vectoring Working They Are Hard On The Brakes Leave It Third For This One Remember It's A Late Apex Here's A Tuck The Nose You'd Better Throttle Now Open It Up On The Exit Just A Bit Of A Limp Through Here Behind The Birds With Or About The Birds.

I'll Get Out Of The Way Bring It Back To Third Ieave It In There Now Get Right To The Inside Just To Get Crack That Thrill. So, The Tour Victory Helps And Hard On The Brakes It's Uh It's Sorry Pointy At The Front End Isn't It Yep Now Boy Here After Four Got It Whoo Nearly Got Him Oh Then We Got Him Even The Birds Love The DWR That's A Good Impact We Get Right Now Back To Four Off The Breaks Again Crack A Little Bit Of Throttle Keep The Nose In There Open It Up On The Exit And Breaking Their Back To Third And Get That Tiny Bit Of Throttle Helps The Turn Keep It In There As You Over The Steering Up Feed The Power A Bit Down Through Here Back To The Throttle Now Just Crack The Throttle Again Even With That Shifter For Soon As You Change Gears The Torque Curve Just Feels The Same As Third And That's A Great Advantage Of The Close Ratio Gearbox That's Phenomenal They Talk Back To The Throttle Down And Briny Off The Brakes Turn In Prep The Throttle The Balance All The Fallen And As Toys Just Gripped For Days And. I Up The Brannigan Cordia Pummel What Have You.

I Can See What Paper Why Phil Abort It's Such An Amazing Circuit And It's A Great Driver Circuit As Well Has Got Everything It's Got Good Flowing High Speed Corners It's Got Tight Hairpin Turns Good Overtaking And It's Got One Of The Most Scenic Sort Of Views In Any Race Track Anywhere In The World And. I Am Absolutely Privileged To Have My First Driver Phillip. Island In This Car It's Pretty Phenomenal That Shift There That Short Shift Of Fourth Gear And There's Just.

So, Much Talk Yeah, But It's The Whole Package Is Linear And Smooth The Gearbox Feels Beautiful Nothing Feels Outrageous It Absolutely Feels Like This Sort Of Car That You Can Drive To The Track And Then Drive Home, But You Are Demons Just Short Shifter Forth Here And Drive Off The Tourney Poor Yeah No Difference Not An Alien That Son Hundred K Is An Hour It Just Ones Out Now Pull It Up From Here Yep What Do You Think It's Absolutely Phenomenal It's It Is It's Everything That You Want An HSV To Be And It Sounds Like It's Everything That The Engineers Want Your HSV To Be It Might Be 170 Grand, But It's One Hell Of A Send-off Is It A Heart Absolutely And Doesn't It Just Sound Mental One Thousand. I Think Years One Of Just Keep Grabbing Gears Absolutely It's Why You Need A Manual. So, That You Can Flip The Throttle Yourself Exactly It's Just The Right Amount Of Modern Features And Refinement With Just Old-school Grunt And Muscle It's Amazing Yeah That Was Very Cool Too Brief, But Very Cool Also Warren Luff Thank You For Showing Me Around Phillip.

I Like You It's Been A Pleasure With Production Due To Start In April And Only 300 GDS RW Ones Plan To Be Built, If You're Keen To Have One Of These Very Special Cars In Your Driveway Well You're Going To Have To Be Quick You.