26 new 2016 Renault Trezor Concept

have You Ever Wondered How They Get Cars Into The Atrium At Crowne Well Today We're Going To Follow This Week The Honda NSX Through Crown To See How It Gets Into Its Final Position The Whole Thing Kicked Off At 530am When The Car Rolled Out Of A Truck Destined For The Side Entrance Of Crowns Food Court The Honda NSX Is Honda's Own Hybrid Supercar Powered By A Twin Turbocharged Six-cylinder Engine And Electric Drive System With A Combined Power Output Of 427 Kilowatts The NSX Crept Through The Food Court Normally Packed With Punters Craving A Quick Feed, But At This Time In The Morning It Was Just Floor Ovest Wearing Helpers With Restrictions Within Crown And Not Allowing A Running Engine The NSX Powered Along Using Its Electric Drivetrain, But It All Became Unstuck From The Car Ran Out Of Power And Had To Be Pushed The Rest Of The Way The Process Took Months To Organize And Was Over In A Matter Of Minutes With The Car Eventually Ending Up With In The Crown Atrium. So, There It Is Guys Honda Has Reached Its Bond Resting Place While The Team Finish Setting Up You Can Catch Them On The ASX And With The Crown Atrium For The Next Two Weeks Hopefully They Can Do An Interesting Insight Into What Goes Into Getting A Car Into This Amazing Facility.