Comparison: 2017 Mazda CX-9 V Toyota Kluger (Highlander)

if You're Looking For A Seven Seat SUV There's A Good Chance The Toyota Kluger Would Have Been On Your Shopping List At Some Point Or Another And With Good Reason It's Stylish Well Packaged Competitively Priced And It's Been On Top Of The Sales Charts For Ages, But What, If You Want Something You Are Maybe Something A Bit More Stylish With More Modern Features And A More Technologically Advanced Engine You Could Be Considering This The New Generation At Mazda Cx-9 And While A Kluger Is Decently Priced This Is Quite A Bit Cheaper It Could Be A Bit Of A Steal. So, We've Brought Together These Two Family-friendly SUVs To See Whether You Should Go With The One That Everyone Buys Or, If You Should Roll The Dice And Go The New Kid On The Block Toyota Versus Mazda Well They're Judging It Out On The Sales Charts Across A Stack Of Categories.

So, It Makes Sense To Put These Two Family Haulers At The Head You'd Want Your Family To Travel In Style. So, Both Of These Are The Top Specs The Kluger Grande And The Cx-9 Asami Whatever That Means Both Are All-wheel Drive Both Are Petrol Only And Both Are On The Pricey Side With The Mazda Starting At Just Over 63 Grand And The Toyota About Five Grand More, But It's What's Under The Bonnet That's The Crucial Difference Here Under The Bonnet Of The Kluger Is A 3.5 Liter V6 Engine Which Out Powers The Downsized Turbo Four-cylinder In Your Car Hang On A Minute That May Have More Power, But The 6:9 Has More Torque And That's What You're Going To Need When You're Lugging The Kids Around Town Well. I Didn't Bring The Kindergarten Class With Me Today, But We Know That Both Of These Are Built With Families In Mind Hauling Kids Around Is What They Do, But How Do They Cope With Adults In The Second And Third Rows All Right Before We Play That Game Something Is Important To Families Looking At Cars With Seven Seats The Cargo Space According To The Spec Sheets The Mazda Has A Bigger Boot With All Seven Seats In Play And It's Also Bigger With Five Seats In Pipe, But The Toyota Has A Better Flatter Boot Floor With All Seats Down And The Boot Lids Glass Partition Opened Separately, But Does That Come At The Expense Of Space For Second And Third Row Passengers Both The Kluger And The Cx-9 Have 6040 Split Fold Seats And The Bigger Portion Is On The Driver's Side That's A Bit Weird You Want Your Kids Getting In On That Side Right Well That's A Curbside, But This Is What We've Got To Work With And It's Easier To Climb Through The Bigger Side And Quite Easy To Move Those Seats Forward Yeah There's Plenty Of Space There For Your Foot To Climb In.

So, Here's A Good Gap This Way, But Not. So, Much With The Headroom Oh Okay Very Well Done All Right. I'm Gonna Put This Back All The Way Oh Watch My Feet Yeah How's That.

I Still Have A Little Bit Of Knee Room Here, But We're A Little Bit Tight At The Moment Okay All Right. I'll Move Forward To A Place Where. I'd Be Comfortable For A Long Trip Wow There Is A Lot Of Space Back In Our Leg Rooms Awesome Headroom Not.

So, Much. I'm Actually Literally Touching The Roof Here Yep Back Here There's Not A Whole Lot Going On You Got Cup Holders No Events No Event Controls Here, But Hopefully That Can Get To You Because It's A Pretty Closing Feeling That Tyler Were The Windows The Leather On The Seats Feels Lovely Though Yeah. I Agree.

I Think The Leather Looks The Part Apart From The Fact That It's Stitched Together Pretty Poorly In This Car, But. I've Got Some Nice Things Up Here Including A Drop-down Armrest With Dual USB Ports Which Is Very Handy For Kids These Days And These Handy Device Pockets Which You Can Put A Couple Of Things In Which Is Very Nice Lucky You Got More Going On Up There Than. I Do Yep Well Let's Take A Look At The Front Done It Looks Pretty Classy In Here There's A Nice Chrome With That Piano Black Which Can Get A Little Bit Finger Printing, But The Whole Layout Of The Cluster.

I Think Is Pretty Pleasing To The Eye The Mzd Connect System Obviously Is Exactly Where You Want It Yep, But The Rest Of It Says You Crammed In There Yeah That That System Is Excellent Probably The Benchmark In The Regular Mainstream Car Class, But Mazda Again Falls Short A Bit On Storage And Those Sorts Of Things. I Mean This Centre Thing Split Lid Is A Bit Annoying And Yeah Your Elbows Are In The Way You Have To Get Around Scene Reaching It Does Have Dual USB Inputs Though. So, That's Good Cup Holders As Well.

I Mean That's All Storage Space Down Here Quite Deep, But Again It Does Still Feel Squished In Under There, But It's Pretty Much The Same As You Get In The Base Model Cx-9. So, Whether That's Good Enough Or Not Is Something That Buyers Might Have To Ask Themselves See Beaters Yeah No Cool Huh All Right Shall We. So, Two Eggs.

I'd Rocked Up In The Toyota. So, It Makes Sense That. I Get To Start The Mazda Yep First Impression Is That It Drives A Lot Smaller Than The Kluger Does What.

I Mean By That Is It Doesn't Feel As Big On The Road That Mainly Comes Down To The Steering Because It's Not As Heavy And It's Bit More Accurate Like It's. So, Nice You Can Place The Car A Lot Easier On The Road Than You Can In The Kluger It's Funny Like You Know This Is A Big Card Seven Seater The Dimensions Are Too Much Different To The Kluger, But It Feels Smaller You Even Feel A Bit Sort Of Closer Inside And The Interior Feels Less Spacious Yeah Yeah. I Completely Agree With You It Doesn't Feel Like A Big Cumbersome SUV Where Maybe The Kluger Maybe You'll Find Out Does A Bit More.

So, The Other Thing That. I've Noticed Instantly Is The Turbocharged Engine Wow Might That Be Quite Peppy It's Got. So, Much Torque And That Turbo Engine Certainly Helps In That Regard.

I Mean Generally It Feels Like More Of A Driver's Car The Sort Of Car That Maybe Isn't Just You Know For Running The Kids Around, But You Might Also Want To Of Self Indulgent Time And Go For A Drive In The Course. I Think You Could Get The Best Of Both Wheels In That Regard And You Could Very Easily Forget That You're Lugging Another Five Seats Behind You Yeah Like It Is That You Feel Like You're In Your Own Little World At The Front Yard Transmission Is Good As Well Really Seems To Be Picking The Right Gear For Each Situation That We Find Ourselves In It Doesn't Seem To Get Confused At All It's Sort Of My Way Since We're In The Right Place For What You Need And Where You Going Yep. So, This Is All Wheel Drive, But There Are No Offering Modes Like That Did You Get A Sport Mode Though Hit That, Button All Right Instantly Transmission Shifts Back In That's Quirky You Can Have A Bit Of Fun In This That's Quicker Than You Need A 7c SUV To Really Be And A Throttle Blip On The Damn Ship What Are We Talking About Here It's A Family SUV A Little Bit Of A Sporty SUV Yeah Well.

I Give It That Up The Rides Good As Well For A Car That Sits On 20 Inch Wheels With Fairly Low Profile Tires For An SUV Doesn't Feel Like It's Clumsy Over Bumps Although, If You Do Hit A Mid Corner Bump At You Know Maybe A Bit Higher Sweeping You Should Be Doing For A Family SUV You Will Notice That The Wheel Will Kick Back Yeah In A Hands. So, Yeah. I Think It's The Same To The Kluger Low Zone A Little Bit Of Noise We Hear The Bird Come, But That Said This Is Probably The Quietest Master There's Being Ever This Is Allowed Why Whatever It Wouldn't Be.

So, Quiet, If You Had Five Kids In The Back Exactly You Would Not Even Notice That Road Noise Big Five Kids In The Back To Drown That Out Most Banks. So, As Well As All Those Positive Aspects To The Way It Drives. I'm Also Going To Heads-up Display Which Means.

I Can Look Straight At The Road Have A Quick Glance At My Digital Speedo And Know Exactly Where. I Should Be Where Make Sure You're Not Letting It Get Away. So, Don't Get That In The Easily Find Yourself Taking Up A Few Extra Kilometers Then You Mean To Particularly In That Sport Mode Yes Great.

So, With The Downsized Turbo Charged Engine You'd Expect Maybe That It Would Be Quite A Bit Better On Fuel Than A Big V6 Have A Look What's It Reading At The Moment Right Now We're On 13 Liters 400 Now That's Not Very Good No-nobody Consider That Every Family Is Going To Be Watching The Dollars Well Instantly Feel Like There's More Space In Here Yeah There's Much Bigger Aperture Which Means It Should Be Easier To Get In And Out Of Our Fingers Crossed. I Think The Colander Mechanism Is A Bit Easier Just One Lever Slide Forward Bit Of An Arrow A Gap Here, But There's A Built-in Foot Well Which Is Certainly Helpful Headroom Maybe A Little Bit More Oh. I Don't Know, If That Was Easier All Right You're In Yes Feet Oh Oh There We Go Oh He's Stuck Almost Um Out Now Okay Good Yep All Right Oh No What's Going On Here.

I Am Totally Jammed In Back Here By Feet Aren't Touching The Ground Okay My Knees Are Up On The Back To Stop That Pain On Me Move Forward To That Position That. I Was In The Last Time Yeah That's About Right Okay So. I Do Have Maybe About This Much Knee Room Now Okay.

So, No As Much As The Master Not As Much As Imagine Our Headroom Mmm Similar Maybe Slightly More In Here Yeah Definitely Feels Bit More Open Through The Sides And Invisible Those Windows To Cupholders Either Side These Headrests Though Are In The Worst Possible Position That Is Digging Right Into The Back Of My Neck Okay. So, Maybe Not For Adults, But At Least You've Got Rear Vents Which Is Handy And Up Front. I've Got The Controls For Those Vents Heating As Well And A Flip-down Armrest That's Just Got Cup Holders No USBs There Are No Charge Points Back Here Apart From A Little 12-volt Down There And What Did You Get Though.

I Love Your Hair This Guy It's A Blu-ray Player Yeah. I Don't Know Then. I Don't Know That That's The Most Modern Way Of Consuming Media Three Headsets And Oh Yeah You Think Your Kids Might Actually Want To Watch Their Own Thing On Their Own Device The Day Of IPads.

I Think This Is Pretty Much Redundant Yeah Yeah Although It Is Kind Of Comfy Here. I've Got Sunshades Like We Do In The Master As Well, But In This Car We've Also Got Tinted Windows Yeah That's The Matter Doesn't Have That Up Fairly Dark, But You Can't Be In For Me. I Should Keep It Fairly Cool In Summer As Well Alright Let's Go To The Front Right Seat This Is Very Different The Mazda Very Modern Stylized Full Of Tech This Is Feel Spacious Yeah And Functional This Shelf Is Amazing It's Brilliant.

I Mean Purses Phones Wallets All That Sort Of Stuff And You Can Pop The USB Cable Up Through That Little Porthole That's Clever. So, No Messy Cables Hanging Out All Over The Place Yep Love It Very Practical Very Functional Making-of Practical And Functional Look At The Size Of That Center Console Bin It's Huge That's Handbag Size That's Not Wallet Phone Lily's Come What About The Kids IPads When You Confiscate Them From The Kids Whole Hand. I Can Go In There This Car Also Has Calmed Front Seats Which The Mazda Doesn't Have Maybe The Switchgear Doesn't Look Quite As Classic Seats Yeah It Feels A Bit Old-school Doesn't It, But It Still Has It Yes Nice Distance Being In Maybe A Little Bit Old-school The Screen Not Quite As Polished A Unit Compared Versa Definitely A Bit Flashy Er Isn't It Where This It Does Look A Bit Dated It Feels A Bit Dated Once You Get Used To It It's Actually Not Too Bad Yep All Right Should We Hit The Road Yes Let's Do It This Is A Lot Different To Driving The Same Time It Is Isn't It Yes It Kind Of Feels A Bit Heavier You Can Hear That When You Put Your Foot Down Try To Find Ears And Did It Sluggish Yeah, But Then Once It Picks Up Once You're In The Rev Range It's Not Pretty Yeah It's What.

I Smell Dude Once You Get There It's A Bit More Top-heavy Yeah A Little Bit. I Can Feel Myself Wobbling A Little Bit More In The Seat What About That Steering Nut Does It Feel It Feels A Bit Vaguer Does It Feel Like It's As Direct As A Mazda It's Pretty Heavy Yeah. I Think It's Too Heavy To Be Honest.

I Think What They've Tried To Do Is Make It Feel Kind Of Sporty To Drive, But Because It's Got No It Just Feels A Little Lost Like It's Not Sure It's Trying To Do Yeah. So, It Doesn't Feel As Small On The Road As The Master No There's A Lot More Sort Of Space Even Between Us In There Yeah In At The Front Here This Is It Feels. So, Much More Like A Practical SUV Where That Has That Character Of Being A Little Bit Sporty Oh Yeah And Maybe A Little Bit More Like It's More Desirable Or Something Well This Is More Maybe Sensible Of You Article And With The Other Six Lines May Be A Bit More About Mistaken Yeah This Is, If You Just Want To Lug The Family Around In A Practical Reliable Functional Way And.

I Do Like The Feeling Of Space In Here Yeah It Does Feel Bigger On The Road Definitely Yeah The Good Thing About Both Of Them Is They Ride Quite Well Considering On The Big Wheel And Tire Package Is Very Quiet It Is A Lot Quieter Than The Master To My Sensitive Here Oh Yeah Get Up Yes When You Put Your Foot Down In This Diary Does It Sound All Right. I Think It Sounds Better Than Yeah We Don't Go We Got Some Noise Yeah. I See.

So, You Want To Hear It And You Want To Hear What You're Asking It To Do In The Cars Response You Can Definitely Hear Problem Is That You Kind Of Go To Ask It To Do That Oh Yeah Yes And You Have To Floor It Like Absence Flatten It Yeah Particularly Behavior Heels And You Want To Get Moving You Gotta Go Slice The Floor How's That Few Years Looking Oh They're Really Really Bad Okay This Is An Indicative Of What Most People Might Experience, But Sixteen And A Half Liters Four Hundred That Is Up There A Little Bit It's Pretty High And That's Sort Of Gives You An Indication Of The Fact That You Do Have To Work This Engine Quite A Bit More To Get The Most Out Of It And The Good Thing About The Updated Kluger Which Is Coming In 2017 They'll Have A New Eight-speed Automatic Rather Than A Six-speed. So, Hopefully Some Of Those Little Issues Kings For It Seems To Get A Little Bit Lost Yep. I Guess What This Does Have That The Master Doesn't.

I Noticed All These Fun Little, Button Down Here For Oh Yeah Yeah. So, You've Got A Center Diff Lock You've Got Hill Descent Control You've Got A Snow Mode Yeah So, If You've Got Low Grip Surface It Should Help Modulate The Throttle And Stop Wheel Spin It's Probably Something That, If You're Looking At The Kluger It's Something That It's Toyota's Known For Or Dipolar Drive Systems Yeah Off-road Capabilities Yeah More Definitely More. So, Than Master Yep Agree With That Couldn't Imagine Taking That See It's Going Too Far Yeah Well.

I Wouldn't Leave It. I Wouldn't Take This Thing In Too Far Off The Time. I Gather, But.

I'd Feel More Comfortable Doing It Because This Has Got That More Rugged Exterior And It Could Wear A Bruise Or Two A Little Bit Better Than The Master P Yeah Especially With That Chrome That The Fan Of The Nose The Same. So, There Are A Few Key Differences Between The Two Of These And Quan Lot Of Similarities To It Would Be Pretty Hard. I Think To Make A Call Either Way, If You're A Vile Looking For A Seven-second CV And These Two To Pick From Yeah There Are Different Considerations That You Need To Take In Mind, But.

I've Got My Mind Made Up You Know Which Way You're Gonna Go. I've Made A Decision There. I'm Sure Cause We Have A Little Bit.

So, Okay Let's Pull Over And Have A Chat And See, If We Can Figure It Out. So, The Start Of The Day. I Was Over There And You Were Over Here What's Happened Look Throughout The Day.

I've Found There Is A Lot To Love About The Kluger Particularly In The Cockpit With The Use Of Space The Shelf The Storage The Practicalities Functionality It's Very Robust Feeling And It Does Tend To Fall Over A Little Bit In The Use Of Spaces Get Further Back Into The Car To Give The Third Row Which Is Pretty Squishy, But It Looks Like An SUV It Drives Like An SUV There's A Lot Love This Is A Better Drivers Car It's Got A Better Use Of Space Inside Better Third Row Better Second Row The Only Thing About It That Really Irks Me Is That It Doesn't Have Third Row Air Vents Yes That's The Thing That Could Be A Deal-breaker, But In This Test. I'm Taking The Mazda So. I Will Agree That That Is A Better Driver's Car And Stylistically It's Far More Modern Almost Too Stylized.

I Think, But When It Comes To Features That's Loaded With It Where The Kluger Really Lets Itself Down. I Think Is When You Look At The Price Difference Between The Cherry So. I Would Actually Have To Wear The Badge That Yet That's The Winds You.

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