2016 Toyota HiLux Workmate 4X4 Review

over The Years We've Seen A Humble Working You Transform Into A High-tech And High-priced Leisure Machine, But Not Everyone Needs All The Bells And Whistles Strip Away Some Of The Technology The Optional Accessories And The Luxury Appointments And You're Left With This The 2016 Toyota Hilux Work Made A Pretty Basic, But Still Highly Functional 4x4 Double Cab Pickup And You Know What Like This It's Almost Even More Fun Now Our UN Peacekeeper Looking Truck Is Not Actually The Cheapest Way Into A Hilux Is A 4x2 Petrol Low Ride Cab Chassis For That Gig, But In Terms Of Getting Into The Car That Everybody Is Looking For The Work Mate Is The Most Cost-effective Toyota Diesel-powered 4x4 Style Side Double Cab On The Market Right Well Behind The Tough-looking No-nonsense Plastic Bumpers Here Is The 2.4 Litre 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine With 110 Kilowatts Or About 150 Horsepower And 400 Newton Meters Of Torque And The Smaller Of The 2 Diesel Engines Offered In The Hilux, But As We'll See In A Minute It's Not Actually A Bad Unit Now The Hilux Has A 6 Month Or 10,000 Kilometer Service Schedule Which Runs About 180 Bucks Per Service Meaning That This Thing's Pretty Cheap To Keep On The Road Before We Hop In To Check These Out The 17 Inch Black Steel Wheels On The Hilux Is Cousin The Fortuner These Wheels Look Like Someone's Stolen Your Hubcaps, But Here On The Work Mode They Look Really Tough And Actually We're Actually Really Soothly You Plus They're Pretty Sensible To Should You Want To Be Swapping Your Tires For More Aggressive Off-road Pattern It's A Nice Easy Wheel To Fit Them Get Inside Well You Do Tug On A Basic Black Door Handle To Get In And At First Glance The Workmate Looks Pretty Basic There's Plastic Floor And Rubber Floor Mat This Cloth Seats, But Then You Sit In Them And They're Actually Pretty Comfortable And Reasonably Supportive Looking Around This Good Storage From A Phone Trader Cupholders And Twin Glove Boxes You've Got Power Mirrors Power Windows Steering Wheel Controls For Your Audio And Telephony Even Cruise Control And Then There's This A 6.1 Inch Touchscreen To Drive The Audio And Telephony Functions Of The Car Now. I'm Not And Of, Buttons For Up And Down Volume, But That's A Nice Smart Looking And Relatively Upmarket System In A Car Like Disk It Even Integrates To A Standard Reverse Camera You've Got Standard Air Conditioning On-the-fly Switches To Four Wheel Drive Which We'll Get To In A Minute And Of Course The Six-speed Manual Transmission Materials Are Pretty Basic And Hardworking, But You Can Tell It's Been Screw Together Pretty Well Plus As A Fun Fact There Are Eight Grab Handles Around The Cabin For When Things Get A Bit Rough Let's Check Out The Back Well Okay The Hilux Hasn't Exactly Made A Name For Itself For Rear Passenger Room As You Can See Not Much Headroom And My Knees Are A Little Tight Although.

I Do Have Lots Of Toe Room The Seat Itself Still Quite Like The Front Doesn't Have A Lot Of Support And There's No Center Armrest, But The Two Outside Points Do Have. ISOFIX Mounts There's Mat Pockets Behind Each Passenger Seat And Pop It In The Doors, But There Are No Vents No Charge Points And No Map Lights Back Here And Before We Get Too Much Further We've Been Asked To Help Out With Some Of The Sheep. So, Bear With Us As We Head Back To The Sheep Pen Well Back Here Things Are Pretty Simple Too As You Can See It's Just A Basic Window Protector On The Back Rather Than A Sports Bar The Bed Itself Doesn't Actually Have Any Tie-down Points Is Just Those Eight Lugs Around The Outside Of The Tray, If You Need To Connect Say A Rope Or A Net To Secure Your Load We've Been Helping Out And Moving The Sheep Around Earlier Today As You Can See They've Had A Little Bit Of Fun, But It's Okay We've Just Protected The Bed With Some Crappy Old Newspaper And There's A Nine Hundred And Fifty-five Kilogram Load Rating Which Was More Than Enough For Us And The Lab Now Under The Bed There's A Full-size Spare Tire And, If You Go For The Optional Tow Package Is Still A Three Thousand Two Hundred Kilogram Load Rating Despite The Car Having The Smaller Engine Well Now That Works Done Let's Hit The Road Well Now That We've Finished Our Work On The Farm With The Sheep We Can Actually Get Down To Driving The Car We're Out Here In Rural Victoria Which Is A Perfect Place For A Basic Pickup Like The Highlights Workmate Probably The Best Thing About The Work Mate Is Once You're Inside And You Can't See That The Big Black Bumper And Those Steel Wheels You Don't Actually Think That You're In A Low Spec Car The Fit And Finish Of Materials Here Is Actually A Really High Quality You Don't Miss A Digital Climate Control Because The Air-conditioning Works Really Well You Don't Miss Satellite Navigation Because The Touchscreen Is There And Looks Pretty Premium As It Is Toyota Know How To Put A Car Together And Even Though Some Of The Materials As We Said A Are Hard Wearing And Easy To Clean They're Put Together Well It Doesn't Rattle It Doesn't Shake And It Feels A Lot More High Quality As We Have Some Bumps That It's Outward Appearance Our Would Portray Now The 2.4 Under The Bonnet Even Though It Has Got Less Power Than Its Big 2.8 Litre Brother You Don't Notice It And It Cruises Well It Drives Well It's Torquey It's Punchy It's Pretty Much Everything You Need And It Works Well With Either Of The Drive Modes As Part Of The Manual Transmission Now Toyota Claimed About 7.3 Liters Per Hundred For A Mixed Cycle Use We've Seen Around Five When You're Touring In Sixth Gear Out On The Open Road, But Basically We're Sitting Around The 10 Litre 100 Marks And Not Too Far Off Their Claim, But What We Would Consider A Much More Realistic Figure To Aim For Bottom Line Though The Hilux Isn't An Expensive Car To Run, If That's Your Fuel Consumption You've Got A Hundred And Eighty Dollar Capped Price Servicing Twice A Year Which Is Good To Go In Now That's The Minimum By The Way You May Need A Little Bit More And Hilux Well You Can Always Sell It When You're Done With It And It's One Of The Things That Makes This A Bit Of A Go-to For People Wanting A Low Risk Purchase For Their Youth Now The Six-speed Manual Gearbox In The Work Mode Is Actually Really Really Easy To Use In A Very Own James Wang Has Been Learning The Art Of Three Pedal Gear Changing Using This Car Because It Is Actually A Very Intuitive Very Easy Gearbox To Use Yeah Sure It's A Long Throw And It Takes Up Quite A Lot Of Space Actually The Manual Version Has One Less Cup Holder Than An Automatic For The Amount Of Landscape That The The Manual Transmission Boot Takes Up It's A Very Easy Car To Drive Though You Realize There's A Sixth Gear Even On The Highway Because It Cruises.

So, Happily In Fifth It's A Nice Easy Throw It's Easy To Manage At Low Speeds You've Got A Rollback Mitigation, If You're Doing A Hill Start Which Is Great For On The Farm And Certainly You Don't Let Yourself Down By Opting For The Manual Over The Automatic In A Situation Like This One. I Will Say Too That The Eco And Power Mode Functions For The Manual Transmission Are Some Of The Most Extreme Of Well Pretty Much Any Car We've Ever Driven They Don't Change Power Outputs Just Manage Throttle Modulation And Well Power Mode Makes The Highlights Well A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun We Can Switch From A Two-wheel Drive High Range To A Four-wheel-drive High Range Win On The Move And Then To A Four-wheel-drive Low Range When The Car Is Stationary There's No Separate Rear Differential Lock In The Workmate You've Got To Move Up To An SR And Sr5 To Get That, But Quite Frankly You Don't Really Need It For The Off-road Driving That We've Done And We're Doing Today Both A Pretty Rugged Gravel Track As We Are Now And Some Relatively Extreme Adventuring That Will Do Shortly We Don't Need That Level Of Hardware That A Rear Differential Lock Provides It's Good Peace Of Mind, If It's There, But It's Not Something That Really Lets The Work Mate Down By Not Having It Regardless Of Any Fancy Off-road Hardware There's Five Hundred And Twenty Millimeters Of Wheel Articulation In The Workmate Plus There's A 31 Degree Entry And A 26 Degree Departure Angle In Its Standard Form Sitting In The Car Is We On Our Vision Is Actually Really Good You Got A Great View Out The Front Nice Big Mirrors Out The Back The Rearward Vision Is Hampered A Little Bit By That Window Protector We Saw Before, But Generally Things Are Pretty Good And You Can See Our All Elements Of The Car Quite Well And Know Where It Is To Position Both On The Road And Often The Steering's Not The Lightest Thing On The Market Compared To Say The Electric Rack In The Ford Ranger It's A Hydraulic Setup In This Car, But It Works Pretty Well And Feels Direct And It Gives You Good Feedback From Either On Road Or Off Road Now Ride Quality Near You Without A Load Permanently In The Back Is Always Going To Be Somewhat Of An Issue Because It's Set Up To Take A Decent Amount Of Weight In The Back And Settle When It Does. So, Up Front We've Got Coil Springs That They Tend To Compress Quite Well And And Nice And Comfortably, But The Leafs And The Live Axle At The Act Do Give Me The Highlights A Lot Of Movement All The Time And Not Just On Gravel Roads Even When You're Out On The Highway There's A Constant Source Of Movement On The Car It's A Very Very Busy Ride Even When Touring, But It Is A Ute And That's Something That You've Got To Go Into Knowing That's Going To Be The Case And Depending On Your Use, If You're Going To Be Putting A Few Hundred Kilos In The Back On Regular Occasion That Settles Things Down Quite Nicely.

So, Generally Even Though The Highlights Workmate Might Look Like A Really Basic No-frills Truck It Doesn't Feel Like One And That's Part Of The Appeal. I Gotta Say It Is A Pretty Spectacular Spot Up Here It Is A Little Bit Windy Though Anyway The 2016 12 Highlights Workmate Well We've Worked Hard With Play Hard We've Gone On A Bit Of An Adventure Up In The Hill Here And The Thing Hasn't Skipped A Beat Proof A Game That The Fundamentally Solid Platform Underneath Doesn't Need All Of The Fancy Accessories Are An Expensive Luxury Items On It The Workmate Is Around Ten Thousand Dollars Cheaper Than The Top Spec Sr5 And You Got To Ask Yourself Quid Back Ten Thousand Dollars Be Better Spent On Other Things So, If You Don't Mind The Whole UN Peacekeeper Looking It Actually Like Getting Out And Using Your Youth Then The 2016 Toyota Hilux Workmate Could Very Well Be Your Nice.

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