25 beautiful 2016 Ford Everest First Drive

headlight Technology Is A Pivotal Aspect Of Vehicle Safety Today And Here We Have Four Generations Of Headlights. So, Let's Put Them To The Test This Is The Mitsubishi Mirage With Halogen Lights This Is The Volvo V60 With Hid Xenon And Here We Have The BMW I8 Supercar With Full LEDs And Now The Leader In Headlight Technology In Australia The Ldr 8l MX With Laser Lights We're Doing About 80 Kilometres An Hour Here And A Very Dark And Foggy Country Road And.

I Kind Of Tell You. I Really Can't See Much Even With The High Beams On That's Quite Surprising Considering These Halogens Or The Pinic Little Headlight Technology Not Too Long Ago It's Pretty Obvious Though That They're Well And Truly Passed They're Used By Them Now The Next Generation Is HID Xenon. So, Let's See How They Go These A Chinese Xenon Lights Are Off Course To Standard For Most Luxury And Plenty Of Mainstream Cars Now They Are Substantially Better Than Allergen Light However In This Sort Of Condition.

I Really Was Expecting A Lot More Back In 2008 How To Introduce The First Car With Full LED Lights At The Audi R8 Now Companies Like BMW Have Adopted That With A Car Lucky Eye Sitting Here In The BMW I8 The Most Noticeable Difference Is Just How White These LED Lights Are Compared To The Xenon In The Volvo However The Distance That The Light Is Traveling Doesn't Really Seem To Be All That Different Which Is Quite Surprising Considering The Cost Difference Between LED And Xenon Technology Of Course, If All Of That Doesn't Do It For You Then Laser Light Is The Only Option Even Just Saying The Words Laser Headlights Reminds Me Of An Old James Bond Movie However It's Real And It's Here Today In The R8 LMS Of Course The Lasers Work With LEDs To Really Extend The Field Of View. I'm Driving Here 1:00 A.m. In The Morning And The Amount Of Life Being Shown Onto The Road Ahead Of Me Is Unbelievable.

I Can Truly See A Lot Better Sitting Here Than. I Could In Any Of The Other Three Cars We Have Here The Laser Beam Is Used Only As A Supplement To Existing LED Headlights Activating Only When High Beam Is On At Speeds Above 60 Kilometres An Hour The Aim Is To Double The Range Of Light Compared To LED High Beam To An Amazing 500 Metres For Laser Diodes Each With A Diameter Of 300 Micrometers Or Just Point Three Millimeters Are Used Inside The Headlights In Their Purity The Laser Light Is Blue In Colour And Actually Harmful To The Human Eye However It Goes Through A Phosphor Plate Converter That Is No Larger Than A Pinhead Which Changes It Into A Pleasant White Light You See Here Interestingly Current Laser Lighting Generates Much More Heat Than Equivalent LED Systems. So, A Fan With A Complete Cooling System Has Been Integrated Into The R8s Headlight Assembly To Ensure Optimum Running Temperature For The Moment The Only Cardigans Laser Headlights In Australia Is This R8 Now This Particular Car Cost A Staggering Four Hundred And Seventy Thousand Dollars That's A Lot Of Money For A Few Lasers However The Point Is This Technology Is Going To Filter Down The Range From BMW And Audi.

So, Your Regular 3-series Or Audi A4 Will Be The Envy Of Bond Villains Everywhere.