17 perfect 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Walkaround

this Is The Honda Ridgeline You Can All New Pickup Truck For America It Looks Like A Passenger Car Inside, But At The Back It's Got Some Clever Tricks Including An Under Tray Cargo Area As Well As That It's Also Got A Clever Jewel Opening Tailgate System. So, You Can Flip It Down As You Normally Would Or, If For Whatever Reason You Need To Open It To The Side You Can Do That Too It's Pretty Nifty, But Maybe Even A Little Bit Silly Tell Us What You Think Do You Think A Lifestyle Focused Pickup Truck Like The Honda Ridgeline Could Work In Australia We Won't See It Down Under It's Only Being Made In Left Hand Drive, But There Might Be Products Like This Coming In The Next Few Years Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below.