23 original 2015 Kia Carnival Mums Vs Dads Challenge Parking

you 190 9800 Greenbacks That's What This Thing's Going To Set You Back In The States. So, They Can Get A Dirty Big 5.0 Litre V10 Engine That Makes 426 Kilowatts Of Power.

So, That's 600 Horsepower Most Importantly The Entrance It's Right There About 10 Inches From Your Head And Even More Important Than That It Seems All Of That Talk To The Rear Wheels Which Means The Front Wheels Are There Justice Steer And Brake Just The Way It Should Be. So, While You. I Get The Sweet Suicide Door To The Cruffin Event At All You Do Get All The Creature Comforts In Here Like A Big LCD Screen That Shows You Everything That's Going On With The Car Now.

I'm Going To Show Up For About 30 Seconds You Can Hear That Incredible Thing Contingency Ah Epic Driving Roads Are Few And Far Between, But When Found One The Glendora Mountain Road Is Just An Hour Outside Of LA The 34 Kilometers Stretch Of Mountain Road Offers Hundreds Of Corners And Views That Will Leave You Speechless Not Only That The Epic Cliff Faces Are The Perfect Spot To Bounce Every Last Decibelle Of Lamborghinis Screaming V10 Engine Despite Being A Really Driven Supercar The Huracan Stays Remarkably Composed No Matter How Hard You Stomp On The Throttle And It Gives You The Satisfaction Of Knowing That With Enough Room It'll Perform D 1 Style Drifts At The Push Of A, Button The Glendora Mountain Road Lives Up To Its Name As One Of America's Most Accessible Driving Roads While Its Peak On The Weekends It's An Automotive Enthusiast Playground On A Weekday Now We Don't Normally Say This About Base Models, But That Thing Right There Is Absolutely Epic, But It's Not Quite As Epic As This Road The Glendora Mountain Road Has Been Sensational Fun Today, But The Best Thing Is You Don't Need To Have A Car Like That To Enjoy It Here We've Seen Everything From Bicycles To Portia's To Lances You Know You Name It We've Seen It Today So, If You Are Staying In LA And They're Driving Road That's Only A Stone's Throw Away Make Sure You Get Yourself Out Here.