18 new 2017 Mazda MX5 Miata RF Retractable Hardtop First Look

in Its First 25 Miles Years The Mazda Mx5 Miata Roadster Was Redesigned Just Twice, But For 2016 It Was Redesigned Again It's Now In Its Fourth Generation Designated The NDP Where D Stands For Delicious Mazda Has Made Countless Improvements And Even Roll Back Some Transgressions From The Third-generation Called The ANC We've Got A Lot To Cover. So, Buckle Up The 2016 Is Unquestionably The Best Looking Me In History With A Touch Of Wickedness It Always Needed, But Certainly Is Never Had Now It Is Shorter From Bumper To Bumper Than It's Ever Been And Wider For More Stability, But Perhaps The Biggest Improvement Is It Has Lost Roughly 150 Pounds Over The Previous Generation This Is The Club Which Is The Sport Is Actually Even Though It's Not Called The Sport This Car Also Has An Option Package That's Available Only On The Club Is Called The Brembo BBS Package It Adds The Side Sills Here And A Rear Bumper Apron As The Name Suggests It Also Adds BBS Brand Wheels And Gloss Black And Brembo Front Brakes They Are Single Piston Just Like The Stock Ones They Definitely Add A Little Bit To The Pedal Feel Little Better Grip, But For What It's Worth The Stock Ones Do A Pretty Good Job The Club Has A Few Exclusive Functional Items Including Under The Hood Strut Tower Brace Limited Slip Differential And A Sport Suspension With Bilstein Shock Absorbers It's Kind Of Like The Breaks The Stock Suspension Handled Very Well And Is Also Comfortable, If Anything They Could Have Gone A Little Bit Further With This Light Before The Engine Is A Two Liter Four-cylinder, But It's A Completely New Engine This One Has A Little Bit Less Horsepower A Little Bit More Torque, But Because The Car.

So, Much Later It Makes The Car Quicker 0 To 60 Is About Six To Seven Seconds It Also Gives Better Mileage Top 25 To 30 Percent To About 30 Miles Per Gallon Combined Now You'll Notice That There Is A Metal Valve Cover Which Models Itself Points Out Is Not Cheap Is Actually Heavier Than Plastic. So, Why Did They Do It Because Mazda Says No One Wants To Open The Hood And See A Bunch Of Plastic To That. I Say Bravo Bravo Even Though The Interior Dimensions Aren't That Different Between 2015 And 2016 Mazda Has Made Many Changes Inside That Make It Feel Room Here In More Comfortable For One Thing Even Though The Roof Is Ten Millimeters Lower You Sit 20 Millimetres Lower For A Net Gain And Headroom Also The Hood Is 22 Millimetres Lower.

So, You Don't Feel Like You're In A Foxhole The Steering Wheel Is Smaller Wouldn't Mind That The Rim, But Otherwise It's An Improvement Likewise The Tilt Adjustment Now Goes Higher For More Like Clarence Be Back Rest Goes Back A Little Bit Farther Which Can Help With Headroom, If You're Taller The Seats Themselves Have An Underlying Tension Mesh Fabric Instead Of The Usual Springs And Cushions. So, With Thinner Seats Gives You A Little Bit More Room Some People Want A Height Adjustment. I Feel Like We're Fine With Just The Tilt Here.

I Always Enjoy When Automakers Redesign A Car And Start Acknowledging What Was Wrong With The Previous One For Example In The Third Generation Miata The Driver Wasn't Exactly Centered On The Pedals Now In The 2016 They've Moved The Occupants In With A Little Bit Lines Things Up Between That And The Windshield Coming Back A Little Bit The Driver Actually Has A Wider Field Of View The Power Tractable Hardtop Is Gone Don't Know Whether It Will Be Coming Back Or Not, But The Manual Type Could Hardly Be Easier To Use It Is Much Improved One Example They've Added This Neat Feature Where You Flip The Lever And It Pops Up. So, It's Within Reach And You Can Just Fling It Forward Itself Is Lighter There's Less Friction In The Joint, If Anything It's A Little Bit Harder To Close Because You Got To Get It Down Into That Position One Other Note Something They've Acknowledged Is That One Of The Cross Ribs Was Right Above The Driver's Head Which For Tall People Meant That When You Go Over A Bump You Would Bring Yourself They've Changed That Too Soft Portion Right Up Here And They've Actually Put An Aluminum Panel In Front Of The Appeared To Prevent Buffeting It Helps A Bit Certainly Not A Quiet Car Inside As A Guy Who Is 6 Feet All. I Have To Say.

I'm Definitely More Comfortable In This Car Now Than In The Previous Generation Especially With The Top Up, But The Has Wisely Moved The Couple From Here Where They Interfere With The Shifter To Back Here They Are Removable Fit Into Ports Back Here Is Actually Next Report On The Passenger Side That Might Be A Better Location For It Now The Controller For This Media System That Comes In The Top Two Trim Levels Is Right Here And. I'm Telling You, If You Were Wearing Like A Thick Coat Maybe Something For Winter You Are Going To Hit The Enter, Button A Couple Of Times The Shifter Itself Is Really Nice Six-speed Manual Standard Not Quite To The Level Of The Sian Fr-s And Subaru BRZ Which Is My Favorite Shifter, But It Still Vibrates With The Engine And Jostling Around A Bit Which. I Like To Remind You That You're Actually Driving The Miata Remains A Handling Champion As Excellent Front To Rear Balance It's Extremely Controllable Road Holding Is Better Than Ever In This Version The Steering Is Now Electric Assist Some People Think Of Too Little Too Soft.

I Think The Feedback Could Be A Little Bit Better, But By And Large It's Still Very Much A Miata A Very Visceral Experience Feels Like An Extension Of The Driver In Ways Some Roadsters That Cost Twice Or Three Times As Much Don't Achieve Now Here's A Little Advice For You From Uncle Joe, If You're Watching This Video You're Probably Kind Of Interested In This Car. I'm Telling You Buy One Even, If You Buy A Used One You Have To Buy It While You Can. I Own One A 2002 Special Edition Of A Long List Of Cars.

I Want To Buy Next When. I Get Tired Of It You Know What. I Never Get Tired Of It This Is A Car You Got.