23 innovative 2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Review A Fond Farewell

here Are Cars Com We Equally Love The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica In The 2017 Toyota 86 Now One Is A Minivan One Of The Sports Could How Is That Even Possible Well The Pacifica Was Our Best Of 2017 Which Means Our Favorite Car Of 2017 And All The Way Back In 2013 86 Was Also Our Favorite Of The Year Only Then It Was Called Scion Fr-s We Spent Thousands Of Miles In These Cars And You Know What Both Of Them Actually Accelerate Fairly Similarly. So, We Really Really Hope For All FR F 86 And Brz Owners That The 86 Is Faster Than Our Minivan, But We're Here To Put That To The Test At Great Lakes Dragged Away In Union Grove Wisconsin And We've Got A Drag Race On Our Hands.

I Honestly Didn't Know What To Expect Here The Pacifica Edged Out 286 The Pacifica Did A 15 Point Nine Second Quarter Mile In 0 2 16 8 Seconds And The 86 Bit 0 2 16 Eight Point Five Seconds In The Quarter Mile In 16.3 Seconds The Big Difference Is Off The Line And That's Where That Night Speed Transmission The Pacifica Really Gets It Out Of The Hole Well Whereas The Automatic Control It's Just A Little Pokey Off The Line. I've No Doubt That The Manual Transmission Model Is The Way To Go Here With The 86 It Had Shorter Gearing And The Transmission Shorter Gearing And Axle That's The Way To Go, But Straight Line Acceleration Isn't What The 86 Is About Its Cornering It's Even Going Sideways Great Lakes Rag Way They Feel Their Crisp Head To Do Exactly That. I'll Tell You What That Was More Fun They're Going To 3.9 Seconds In A Minivan That's For Sure You You.