CAR INSURANCE QUOTES How To Compare Them LIKE A BOSS 5 Major Players Revealed With Simple White Accent

hey This Is Any Without Short Calm. I'm A Licensed Insurance Agent For Several States, But More Importantly.

I'm A Professional Insurance Shopper And Today We're Going To Talk About How To Get Several Car Insurance Quotes At Once In Order To Find The Cheap Car Insurance And I'm Going To Show You Who The Major Players In This Segment In Order To Do This It's Important To Understand The Basics Of The Market And In My Previous Video. I Explained To You That Every Single Company Offering Your Car Insurance Actually Falls Into One Of The Three Buckets It's Either Current Or As Themselves The Second Group Was Places That Allow You To Compare Car Insurances The Majority Of Them Are Independent Agents And The Third Group Was Lead Generators And Actually Took About A Hundred And Seventy Companies Active On The Web And Place Them Into One Of The Three Categories And This List Is Available For You On My Website The Reason It's Important To Understand These Basics Is Then You're Going To Hear Marketing Message With Words Compare Quotes Or Get Some Insurance Quotes From Every Segment And It's Truly Only Segment Number Two Independent Agents That Provides You Set Up Watson At Once And Thus Comparing Them Example Of A Company From Segment Number One Acre Insurer Offering Comparisons Is Going To Be Progressive. I'm Probably Going To Make A Separate Video Video On What.

I Think About This Their Service How Accurate It Is And Why. I Don't Consider Them Being A Major Player In Comparison Game And You're Also Going To Hear A Message On Comparing Or Getting Several Quotes From Segment Number Three Lead Generators Pretty Often And Usually What They Mean By Saying Compare Is You Get In Telemarketing Calls From Several Several Insurers Which They Will Sell Your Personal Information To You So, If You're Looking To Get Some Reports At Once By Submitted Information Ones Look At Independent Agents Segment Two On This List So, If You Narrow Down Your Search To Segment Number Two You Assume. I See That The Number Of Options Is Pretty Large, But, If You Learn All The Details Behind These Companies And, If You Learn About The Relationships Between Them You Actually Might Come To A Conclusion That The Number Of Options Is Not That Large In My Personal Opinion There Are Only Five Major Players In This Segment One Of Them Company Called Trusted Choice Is By Far The Largest Network Of Independent Local Agents That Might Help You To Locate Someone You Can Talk To Directly In Your City And The Next For Compare Cover Common The Zebra And Answer Financial Are The Largest Online Independent Agents Let's Look At Them A Little Bit Closer With All Of These Five Major Players You Can Actually Give Them A Call And Compare Different Current Sewers Over The Phone With An Agent And Then Complete The Transaction As Well, If You Want To Purchase One Of Them, But, If You Want To Meet Someone It's For In Person Trustee Choices Give Me One Of The Better Options, If You Go To Trusted Choice Calm To Find A Local Agent There Is A, Button Right Here To The Lab That Says Find Insurance For Me And My Family, If You Click On That They're Going To Collect Some Information From You Before They Show You The List Of The Local Agents Let's Try One Of The Zips To See How It Works And.

I Gotta Put Reverb Zip Code We're Looking For Car Insurance And The Reason That This Option Is Still Good They Have About Covered In 40,000 Local Agents In This Network So, If You / About 43,000 Zip Codes In The US You Can See That It's More Than One Agent On Average For Zip Code. So, You Can Expect This Company To Have A Local Agent In Your City And You Can See That There Are Plenty Of Options Here Pages And Pages Of Them Of Different Agents They Actually Represent The Same Suit Represent The Same Current Sewers And You Can See Some Of The Current Source They Represent Here To The Right And Theoretically Each Agent Should Have An Access To The Same List Of Current Sewers And Then The Crisis Should Be The Same The Damn And, If You Click On One Of These Companies. I Think They Should Show You The Phone Number And You Can See The Address Here As Well The Way It Works With The Local Agents.

I Usually Know Which One Of These Companies Is Most Competitive For Your Particular Profile And In Many Situations. I Witnessed That The And Resuming To That To The Website Of This Insurance Agency. So, In Many Situations I Witness That They Actually Have To Input Your Information Manually Into The Particular Insurers System To Get A Quote.

So, They Usually Start With A Company That They Know Is The Most Competitive For You And Then Might Try Another Company To You Some Nice Companies You Can See A Nation One Is Pretty Big One Travelers Big One. So, Now You Know How To Find A Local Independent Agent Pretty Easily It's Important Thing To Remember About Them That, If You're Talking To Different Agencies Independent Agencies In Your City And They Represent The Same Network And Probably More Than Half Of Them Already From Trusted Choice Anyway Then The Companies They're Going To Quote You With As Well As The Prices Should Be The Same And By The Way The Quote Is Going To Quote Is Going To Be Pretty Accurate, But You Have To Submit Upfront A Lot Of Personal Information Obviously To The Agents Now Before We Proceed To The. International Actually Forgot To Mention That I'm Not Affiliated With Any Of The Companies We Discussed Today And I'm Just Sharing My Learnings From The Industry Company To Help You.

So, For Car Insurance Smarter Now Let's Look At The Online Channel I Started Many Many Companies I Had Identified I Believe Four Major Players In The Area The First One Is Cover Hound Calm Is Pretty Successful Silicon Valley Startup With A Valuation Of Over 100 Million Bucks The Second Was Answered Financial That Come A Pretty Established Company Owned By Allstate The Third Was Compared Calm Another Successful Company Owned By The Second Largest Current Sure In The In The UK Company Called And Then Finally At The Company Called The Zebra It's Actually The Most Probably The Most Popular Website About The Four, If You Judge Based On The Web Traffic It's A Five Year Old Company Bank By Very Prominent Investors Such As Mark Cuban A Billionaire Mark Cuban And Others. I Intentionally Did Include Other Two Active Players Into This List One Of Those Company Called Nerd Wallet A Very Very Popular Website, But It's More Like A Financial Website With Insurance Being Only Part Of What They Do And They Don't Collect Much Information When You Run A Quote They Just Give You Some Estimates From Different Companies And, If You Decide To Purchase Any Of Their Quotes You Actually Have To Go Either To The Website Of That Insurer Or Give Them A Call To That Insurer And Provide You Information Once Again For That Reason. I Didn't Call It Into My List And The Same Company That.

I Didn't Include Which Is Also Pretty Active In The Area Is Called In Surah They Provide Experience Pretty Similar To Other Players, But At The End, If You Decide To Purchase Their Quote You Have To Give A Call To Answer Financial That They Think They're Going To Connect You With Answer Financial And You Have To Finish The Quote There For That Reason. I Didn't Put Them Either To Make This Classification Is A Little Bit Easier For You So, If You Look At This For Companies The Bigger Place In The Area You Definitely Want To Make Sense Of Them And Trying To Compare For And Then Come To A Conclusion Which One Is Going To Be More Efficient For You To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance Right And The First Things That The Things That Come To Mind Is Probably Go Out Of The Poor Is Going To Represent More Insurers And Which One Out Of The Four Is Going To Provide Better Prices And, If You Look At The Number Of Insurers Who Presented By These Four Players This Number Varies From About 50 To Several Hundreds, But With Insurance It's Brilliant Trickier When You Go Into Comparison You Actually Might Realize That Winning In Put Your Personal Information Into This For Websites The Number Of Quotes That They Get A Show To Use Probably Going To Be Anywhere From 3 To 15 Depending On On Your Zip Code And Then The Same About Price That The Prices Fluctuate A Lot Depending On Your Profile And Zip Code. So, It's Really Really Hard To Say Which One Out Of The Four Is Going To Be More Efficient And Although.

I've Tried There Many Times Each Of Them It's Still Very Hard To Say Which One Has To Be Better. I Know Which One Has To Be Better For My Zip Code, But It's I'm Pretty Sure It's Might Be Different From For Your Personal Profile And You're Here M One Of The Things That I Really Liked About Compare Calm And Cover Count Is That The Quotes Were Really Accurate Please Based On My Experience, But At The Same Time They Really Can I Collected A Lot Of Information Up Front And That Was Probably The Reason For The Clothes Been. So, Accurate And Other Things That.

I Like About Cover Ground And Compare That Come Is That. I Never Got Any Unsolicited Calls From Them While From Zebra The Zebra And From Answer Financial. I Got Several Unsolicited Calls.

So, There Are Four Players It's Very Hard To Say Where The Chances Of You Hitting The Best Price And You Better Go And Compare Them, But At The Same Time Remember That It's It's Really Really Hard To Compare Car Insurances And Then Get Better Prices One Of The Studies And Actually Going To Put A Link In The Description Of This Video One Of The Studies From Found That Only Ten Percent Of The Consumers From The 19,000 People That They Reviewed We're Able To Save Money By Comparing Car Insurance Clothes And Probably This Percentage Is Going To Be Much Larger, If You Are One Of The Customers Who Can Shop For Insurance For A While For Seven Years. I Probably Gonna Hit Some Good Prices With One Of These Five Companies Will Discuss Today, But, If If You An Experienced, If You're A Very Experienced Super Like. I Am And Then You Shop For Car Insurance At Least On Some Regular Basis Then Probably It's Good It's Going To Be Really Really Hard For You To Find A Better Quote Among These Five Companies And Again The Reason.

I Believe This Is The Case Is Many Great Current Rulers Very Competitive Car Insurers They Actually Do Not Participate Through This Channel And Actually Got An Example That. I Want To Share With You That That Proves That One Of The Things We Love Doing It Outs Or Not Comb Is Study And Analyze Different Current Source Pricing Models In Order To See How They Apply To Different Consumer Profiles To Find The Winners And Here You Can See Data When We Ran For One Of The States Where We Can Pretty Accurate Data On The Pricing Models And. I Think We Analyzed Here About A Hundred Different Consumer Consumer Profiles And We Ranked Each Insurance Company From Being The Cheapest To The Most Expensive And I Want To Say We Operated Here With About Fifty Current Sewers For This Particular State There Are 200 Over Around 200 Car Insurance Companies Licensed To Car Insurance, But, If We Remove The Sister Companies From This List The Actual Number Of Current Xuan's Groups Is Close To 100.

So, I Think We Got About Half Of These Companies Here On This List We Decided We Just Pick A Random Profile And Religiously Pick This Profile And Then We Go And See How The Independent Engine And Independent Agents In On Line Segment That We Just Discussed That The Four Companies I'm Going To Perform And Which Company They Didn't Bring On Their List. So, After We Provided This Information To The Zebra Compare Cover Count And Answer Financial We Got Some Awards And You Can See That The Zebra And Compare Provided The Cheapest Company That They Provided Was Mercury Which Was Number 15 On Our List Nina Nadra Other 14 Current Sewers Whose Price Was Cheaper And You Can See Pretty Interesting That They Gave Us The Quote For The Same Company, But The Price Was Dramatically Different Between The Two Companies Although They Were Voted The Same Currents Were And Cover Cullinan Answer Financial Actually Brought The Same Company The Same Insurer Called Foremost As The Most Competitive Which Was Not On Our List Of 50 Companies, But You Can See That Their Price Which Was Somewhat Close Between The Two Agents Was Still The Price Was Much Much Higher Than The Price Provided By Compare And The Zebra And Again It's Hard To Judge Anything Based On One Example, But It's Pretty Consistent With What We See Over Time That Many Great Competitive Current Sewers Do Not Participate In This Channel And, If You're Trying To Compare Quotes To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance In Your State You Need To Be Aware Of That This Was Our Pollution Count To Get Several Car Insurance Quotes At Once You Can See There How Complicated The Industry Is And There Are No Easy Tools Even, If You Go To The Right Places And. I Guess The Question We Are Asking Is Do You Really Want To Spend That Time Analyzing All This Country To Go 200 Care Insurance Companies In Your State Again A Rank Against Each Other In The Quoted In A Provider You Or Do You In The Mornin Oh That Just This Company Number Of Mom Or Maybe Two Or Three The Cheapest Car Insurance In Your Steak And Maybe Spend The Rest Of Your Time On Something That Is More Exciting Than Insurance And This Is Exactly The Service We Provide The First Part Thanks For Letting Us Share Our Approach To The Car Insurance Quotes Let Us Know In The Comments And Like.

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