21 original Toyota Highlander Vs Mazda CX9 ARated Crossover SUVs Face Off

there Was A Time When Choosing A Family Hold All Meant Slipping Into A Life Of Middle-aged Mediocrities, But That Was Before The Arrival Of The Crossover Today We're Putting Two Edmund Aerated Crossovers The Toyota Highlander And The Mazda Cx-9 Head-to-head In A Five Category Comparison. I'm Alistair Weaver Your Host And Referee And.

I'm Joined By Two Edmonds Editors On The Very Cusp Of Middle-aged Mediocrities James Riswick Representing The Highlander And Mike Monticello Representing The Master Our First Category Is Performance Mike Tell Us All About The Cx-9 Here's What You Need To Know The Highlander Drives Big This Cx-9 Drives Small It Has Direct Steering Confident Handling Sure The Highlander Has Better Brake Numbers, But The Pedal Is Kind Of Spongy Whereas The Mazdas Brakes Are Nice And Firm And The Cx-9 Transmission Is Like Me Kind Of Smart Even When You're In A Regular Drive Mode It Always Tells You The Gear You're In And When You're In Cruise Control It Automatically Down Shifts To Keep The Car At The Set Speed You Know The Highlander Is Not Only Quicker From Zero To 60 Than The Cx-9 It's Actually The Quickest Three Row Large Family Crossover We've Ever Tested That Isn't Named Ford Flex EcoBoost And Mike Said It Right The Braking Distances On The Highlander Are Better Than The Cx-9 As Well As For The Class And Although The Highlander Isn't As Athletic As The Cx-9 It's Very Poised It's Very Confident It's Not The Big Doughy Marshmallow That The Old Highlander Is I Think For Most People It's Going To Be A Nice Compromise Of Vehicle Dynamics Both These Vehicles Prove Just How Far Crossovers Have Come In Recent Times, But For Me The Mazda Just Nips Across The Line First Get My First Point, If You're Carrying Up To Seven Passengers It Certainly Helps, If They're Comfortable James Will There Be Lots Of Smiley Faces In The Toyota Absolutely You Know The Highlander Is Isolating It's It's Comfy Without Being You Know Overly Floaty It Is Still Composed And I Would Say That The Cx-9 Especially When You Have Those Big 20-inch Wheels Can Be A Little Borderline Harsh Now The Interior Of The Highlander Is Incredibly Quiet And Despite That Fact It Actually Has A Neat Feature Inside Of It Where It Has A Microphone That It Picks Your Voice Up And Sends It To The Back To The Screaming Children I Wouldn't Know Anything About This, But. I'm Told The Cx-9 Front Seats Are Well Suited To Tall People, But The Seats In General Are Really Comfortable Really Good Lumbar Support They're Not Quite As Nice For All-day Touring As The Highlander, But Get This Both Sides Adults Can Actually Fit In The Third Row And The One Area That The Cx-9 Does Come Up Short The Ride Is On The Firm Side. So, It's A Tough Call This One, But For Its Marginally Better Ride Quality The Toyota Gets My Vote.

So, Mike Tell Us About The Masters Interior What In General It's Really Nice, But Shocking News Alert Mazda Is Not Great At Building Functional Multimedia Screens In This Case The What This One Has Small, Buttons And It's Kind Of Slow Reacting, But In General The Interior Has Lots Of Room It's Easy To Get In And Out It Has A Really Handy OneTouch Second Row Seat Mechanism. So, You Can Easily Get Into The Third Row And It Has Lots Of Cargo Room It Has Four Cubic Feet More Than The Highlander Behind The Third Row And When You Fold All The Seats Down It Has 17 More Cubic Feet. So, That's A Lot Of Space Mike's Absolutely Right There's No Getting Around That The Cx-9 Has More Maximum Cargo Area, But The Highlander Has More Useful Little Cubbies Here In There There's A Nice Tray To Put Your Cellphone In A Big Old Center Console You Can Fit A Person.

I Put A Cereal Box In There This Morning It Has Nicer Material Both Compared To The Old Highlander As Well As A Cx-9 They're Just Fewer Hard Plastics And There's This Nice Simulated Leather On The Dash Again It Just Feels A Little More Luxurious Inside Now. I Could Point Out That The Highlander Has Eight Seats Whereas The Cx-9 Has Seven, But Really Since The Cx-9 Has More Room It's More A Matter Of The Highlander Simply Having More Seat Belts. So, This Is A Tough Call Do You Want That Extra Seat Belt Oh You Want That Little Bit Of Extra Room For Me The Toyotas Extra Quality Makes All The Difference And It Gets My Point Mike Does The Cx-9 Put You Off Kids This Is A Large 3-row Crossover That You're Not Going To Be Afraid To Attack Say A Freeway On-ramp You're Even Going To Look Forward To It You Know That Sharp Steering Competent Slot Free Handling You Pretty Much Can't Say That About Any Other 3-row Crossover You Know.

I Am Sort Of Inclined To Agree With Monte Here About Cx-9, But. I Would At Least Point Out That The Highlander Is Night And Day Better Than The Old Squishy Pillow It Replaces And In General Is Just A Nice Well-rounded Vehicle You Know It Isn't Sporty, But It Also Is It's Engaging Enough It Is Confident Enough And. I Think For A Lot Of People It's Going To Strike The Right Balance Let's Be Honest About It, If You're Making Like Jeff Gordon In Either Of These Vehicles You're Going To Be Met Ramones From The Backseat Or Even By Vomit, But For Those Rare Days When You Are Alone The Master Is The Better Drive Get My Point.

So, Going Into The Final Round We're Tied And It's All To Play For Now As We Know Regular Breeding Is Expensive And Big Families Need Big Value James Does The Toyota Deliver Well You Know The Highlander Is A Bit More Expensive Than The Cx-9, But You Do Get More Standard Equipment Including A Standard Rear-view Camera And Automatic Headlights Otherwise Equipment Is Similar, But There Is More High-tech Safety Equipment Available On The Highlander As Well As It Does Have Better Crash Scores In Terms Of Fuel Economy The Highlander Gets Two Miles Per Gallon Better V6 To V6 Now There Is A 4-cylinder Available, But It Gets Basically The Same Fuel Economy As A V6. So, Why Would You Ever Bother With That And, If We're Going To Expand The Range The Highlander Is Available In A Hybrid You Know Cx-9 Has Decent, But Not Amazing Value, But Considering What You're Getting At It's 30 Grand Base Price Standard Touchscreen Bluetooth Pandora HD Radio That's Pretty Good You Know Sometimes Mazda Does Cheap Out On The Interior Plastics And That Kind Of Happens Here Unfortunately The Real World Fuel Economy For The Cx-9 Was A Bit Dismal We've Got Five Mpg Less On Our Standard Evaluation Loop Than We Did Versus The Highlander. So, That Was Kind Of A Bummer And.

I Think. I Just Killed Myself On Us Yep. I Think.

I Might Have Won This One Mike That's That's Terrible. So, It Means That Unless You Have A Passion For Gas Stations There's Only One Winner Here And That's The Toyota. So, Overall The Toyota Has Three Points The Master Has Two And The Highlander Wins Our Competition Well Done James, But Tell Us What Do You Think Should Have Won Be Sure To Click Here For Full Reviews Of The Cx-9 And The Highlander And For All The Latest Videos Subscribe To The Edmunds Channel.

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